Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So here are a few photos with my new camera

The triffids are on the move again, despite having their tentacles cut off on a daily basis!

There are another 69 like these - well these are the smallest trusses - I will take a photo of the large ones.

The little cardoon - a wonder of nature.

Last year this cardoon was eight feet tall. But having been eaten and trampled to within and inch of its life, then starved of water, it is the same height as the sedum.

The cardoon up there is still a pretty blue and just in flower with lots of bees in attendance. I just missed a really huge bee unfortunately

A lovely sky up there today.

I have been picking so many, they grow incredibly quickly once they get going.

Here is what my experimental bean pole design looks like now. It is really easy to pick them now.


  1. Everything looks lovely, and some nice pics with your new camera.

  2. Thanks Becki - on a bit of a learning curve at the moment


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