Monday, August 21, 2006

One Year Old Today

It is a strange feeling sitting here in front of a blank screen after being away for a few days – not knowing what to write about.

You don’t want to hear about adorable baby, or family stuff, so I shall answer all your lovely comments instead.

For those very observant amongst you – thanks for noticing that today in my blog’s first birthday.

Not for one minute did I think that my ‘personal’ drivel about my allotment, then chickens would attract to many viewing for which I truly thank you.

I didn’t put the counter on until early this year – then had a month out – so I am staggered that not only did I get so many hits – but some of the original readers managed to find out that I was back and returned.

Torrential rain, and storms stopped any outdoor play today. We had a man in to paint the fences – but most of the paint is now on the ground as the storm started and never stopped!

So to answer your comments and apologies if I have missed any.


I didn’t really time it. I just cut them up into quarters (big tomatoes) glugged some olive oil on top, some freshly ground pepper, and dried chilli pepper. In the oven on a hot setting 180c in a fan oven so that’s about 170c in an ordinary one, and I suppose they took up to half an hour – just keep an eye on them. I didn’t let mine get all mushy as I wanted to freeze them into a mixture as I mentioned. It is something that I will do again.


Thanks for the compliments – must confess to not understanding a technical word you said – but I take any compliments I can get at my age LOL.


How observant of you – I was going to keep that quiet! Hmmm. On the blog front I have learned quite a bit – and have met so many wonderful people – and that may sound patronising, but it is truly meant. By starting my blog just for me, I was amazed at how it ‘snowballed’ if I knew beforehand I would have been terrified to even start.

Through I have been able to go on a wonderful journey around not only this country but the world – visiting all sorts of sites – not just gardening related – and it sure has opened my eyes at times. I have felt that I am part of a ‘chain’ as you click on one link, then click on another – can get addictive at times late at night, hopping from one site then clicking on a comment and visiting yet another.

On the allotment side of things – I would need lots more time to summarise, so will do it at a later date. But it has been wonderful to have the chickens as companions at home and up the allotment. I started the year with high hopes of new plot holders and new beginnings, after the advert in the parish magazine and the reminder to all to keep their plots tidy (meaning not overgrown with weeds), but it remained the same – so I am resigned to having tall weeds as neighbours – they are a pest, but at least they don’t keep me talking for hours LOL


Children leaving home and getting to lick the cake mixture spoon and perhaps the bowl. Yes indeed, but I did too much of that this past year, so it is resisting temptation for a bit longer for me. Really tough – but only for a couple of months!


I can’t believe it either – it was agony – but I just had to throw everything into a sink of scalding hot water to be able to do it!


Yes – they are not the most intelligent of God’s creatures, but they did manage to get some insects that were between the gaps. I offered Dilly a snail today, and she got all excited, put her beak to its underside as if to sniff it, and walked off!

Thank you for your birthday wishes – I am just off to take a look – and will no doubt be hopping on that chain link for half an hour!


I am so excited about getting your packet – it would have arrived today, but the silly postman (a stand in) obviously could not read the card that is fixed to my front door saying “Front door open for parcels”! So I found a card saying – packet too big to fit through letter box. Silly man didn’t even ring the door bell.

It would have been so fitting to get it on my first blog birthday too.

Thank you so very very much – I would never had ‘got to know you’ if it were not for this blog.

I am making a few things in return and will post them when you have your new address.

That’s it for today one and all.

I really appreciate you continued interest. Tomorrow the rains should let up – so I will be back where I belong – so will have something to write about!


  1. Thank you so much for your cookery lessen AL. You are a star.

  2. .... and many happy returns. Congratulations on building up a wonderful diary covering the last year of your world.

  3. Congrats! Your writing and photos are both great - so inspiring in fact that me and a friend are going to see an allotment on Thurs morning...

  4. Joyeux Anniversaire, Happy birthday. Hope that Pat doesn't feel like a Blog widower.

    Wonder where you will be in another year. Too busy blogging for an allotment. And yes it is addictive isn't it. But also educational and social of sorts.

    Keep up the good blogging.

  5. Bless!

    Love it all!

    One day I will do all this...........well abit anyway!


  6. Belated Happy Blogversary!!!LOL!

    Imagine a candle for every one who's dropped in on your site....the fire brigade would have a tender on standby LOL!

    My knees and hips are aching, must be rain on the way,maybe.?Claires' garden up in the hills of Scotland has perfected her rainstick twiddling??LOL! (looks interesting though Claire!)

    Hope you get your parcel and do be careful opening it, I went a bit beserk with the parcel tape!

  7. Thank you one and all - really.

    I know that quite a number of my 'readers' have gone on to write blogs which I read avidly but can't always leave comments and there are so many now that I 'do the rounds' on.

    But I really do read all your sites.

    I am so excited awaiting the package Sandie - thank you so much. It will of course be published.

    I remember making rainsticks when I ran a playgroup when my boys were young.

    I don't think we called them that then.

    Something else for me to do in the winter.

    Anyone got a link for a sun stick - in dire need at the moment.


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