Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Phormium

Earlier in the summer I mentioned that my phormium plant had started to grow a spike - well this was the end result - it has gronw to about 10-12ft, it is too tall to measure, but it towers above us.

These photos were taken a month ago with my old camera so not as clear as with my new one.

From a distance they looked rather dull and insignificant but close up they are womderful, with lots of tiny dark red flowers topped with a yellow frill

I am not sure whether to cut the spike off one the flower has set seed, it is really thick and you wouldn't be able to do it with secateurs. I think that I will leave it until the frost hits it, then remove it.

It really has been quite spectacular - the first time it has every flowered.

A bit of a hiccup with the squash burger recipe - the gremlins are definitely out and about here.

I weighed and wrote down all the ingredients on a card as I worked in the kithen and it has disappeared.

It was there yesterday! Another mystery. I can remember what I put into them, but not the exact weights, so I might not post it today after all.

I jointed all the table birds I got yesterday. I find it hard work, but it is very rewarding when you can go to the freezer and pick out a joint. Since eating the chicken recipes here, the family comment that no other chicken tastes as good, so now they have some off me too. At least it makes room in the freezer.

As usual we used the Orved vacuum machine, which has saved up so much time and effort. I joint and Pat bags up. No need for labels anymore either, we can see exactly what is inside them. I ordered another 300 bags yesterday, there is one size that is just right for chicken legs, breasts, long runner beans and so on.

I am also using it now for other things - which I am now doing - packaging my some of my crafts - home made soaps, herbs, dried flowers, dried veggies, and shrink wrapping things for posting in parcels - it is amazing how much less room they take up and how easy they are to wrap!

Breakfast is beckoning me. If the rain holds off I will spend a few hours up the allotment this morning, if it doesn't I shall be making more jam with fruits from the freezer - I have a few more jam jars now!

As usual the girls got to play in the sunshine all day - whilst I was slaving away at home - I know where I would rather have been!

The rhubarb has really grown again with all the rain, so I might cut a second crop off the plants - when will I get time to cook it I wonder.


  1. I am pickling for a short while too, so will think of you doing the same!Then it's on with the greenhouse.

    Oh and by the way........
    study finished!


  2. Good job I was sitting down when I read your comment D

    Drum roll....................

    The study is finished - yippee, well done you. I will never finish sorting out my studio - well I sort of do - then I get involved with another hobby in waiting and get another box to store that stuff in.

    (Thank's Sandie - just need to buy one of those plastic big boxes with lids - best to get one bigger than I need right now hey? I will be keeping my eyes open when I visit charity shops for material oddments - you have given me lots of ideas - just need the time.)

  3. Ooooh snap, my phormium has a flower spike like that for the first time too this year - I was wondering what to do with it too!

    I've just discovered Blogger can be a complete pain at times can't it?

    Thanks for yr comments on my blog, I will post a reply to you there soon (if blogger will let me!) :)

  4. the big spike is amazing. i was wondering what had came to pass about that flower . since i am a old chicken plant worker i am a expert about chicken. make one cut on the thigh from the front of the chicken going to the thigh nuckle.turn the bird over and starting at the top of the thigh cut down bringing the knife down to the nuckle work knife pass knukle bone and cut stright down. now the leg and thight is free from the body bend the leg joint and look for a white line between the thigh and drum stick. slice thro the white grizzsle and it cuts like butter. always work with a sharp knife. the breast bone is easier if you use kitchen sissors. cutting thro rib cage an back bone the breast bone can be removed very easy if that is what you wish.

  5. i just looked at the simple living link. i really like this site all the chicken photos on the same pg. tried to comment to tell the lady how much i like it but word press said i had to have a pass word so pass the word along and tell the simle lady i like her site.

  6. I love blackberries!

    Nice picture of your chicken.

    You are getting the hang of the camera then.


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