Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot off the net - Allotment Lady's news

Here at last is what you have all been waiting for - I have hit the 'go to checkout' button and bought myself a new camera.

The bad news is that it won't be here before the weekend, but the good news is that it will be here next week.


Back to making up the bed for No.2. son's visit, then I will do this all again when our weekend visitors come.

Cold, wet and windy here, but doing wonders for the lottie.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.............................


  1. That's great news Allotment Lady, can't wait to see photos on your blog again.

  2. Poised and ready!

  3. than bloger god. be glad to see photos again. i miss the chickens. what kind did you get?

  4. should have read " thank bloger god"

  5. Karen7:58 am

    Just came to blog and your counter hit 24,000.

  6. Thanks one and all - you seem as excited about it as I am.

    Karen - that was a surprise - I have not been looking at the counter.

    24000 in seven months. Not bad for an allotment lady's ramblings. LOL

  7. Congrats AL! Your words and photos are always v.interesting and inspirational. I work full time so can only dream of much of the lovely things you do and make with your allotment produce...but maybe one day...
    I've just got broadband though so here's to many more visits! :)


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