Sunday, August 13, 2006

Playing with patchwork on a rainy day (experimental)

Been playing around experimenting - If it hadn't been raining so hard I would have gone and cut some foliage and make contrasting blocks which would be nice.

The sun has come out now - so off outside.

Close up of my berries - they look good enough to eat!

St Johns Wort berries from the garden

Four block sets.

Pink Lysianthus

Eryngium heads from my garden

Blocks put together - reminds me of Scotland and tartan for some reason

Got the blues?

Cream Lysiantus heads in a symmetrical arrangement for patchwork experiments

A block of three - different textures

Golden Showers Roses

Modern arrangements in a row


  1. Now I know what you got all excited about!
    You could produce your own 'Floral' calendar it will sell like hot cakes!

    How d'ya do that multiple same image thingy?
    Your new camera has got you off another thread hasn't it? Beautiful pictures! WELL DONE!
    and thank you for sharing them with us. Brightened up my dull afternoon anyway LOL!
    BTW the 'Allotment Girls' are looking really in really good health and condition as is your 'lottie.

  2. Blimey, do you ever stop! lol

    They all look really good and I think your very clever!

  3. Karen3:59 pm

    Did you grow the St John's Wort berries. What do you do with them ?

  4. I was wondering what you did with th St. john wort berries? the pictures are lovely. when I went to the pens this morning I had 5 new babies. so I am back to raiseing babies!

  5. Sandie - nice to hear from you - was a bit concerned as you had shingles.

    Thanks for the compliments regarding the photos. The multiple image thingy was a mistake! And I was tearing my hair out cos I wanted just one photo. But now I have found out what had happened and how to correct it, I shall certainly have a 'play' with it.

    Unfortunately I never did get to photo my patchwork type flower arrangements from the workshop - but I have lots of designs whizzing around in my head for Christmas.

    Becki - no I don't stop often - and as for clever - I don't think so. You are with all the cards and books and things that you make and sell - now that is clever.

    Karen - St Johns Wort is a shrubby plant - they come in small right through to huge!

    Lovely yellow flowers which the bees love, but I grow them for the berries which are particularly beautiful this year. Not to eat, oh no, but to use in flower arranging. The berries will turn black and they last such a long time.

    Patsy - more chicks - off to look at the photos

  6. Wow!

    I mean...............Wow!

    I just said to hubby...........WOW!

    He looked and said........"Bloody Hell that's good"


  7. Mrs N - LOL - were you looking at a bike website then?

    Thanks for the comment and for the camera forum link where I got an answer and now have learned yet another thing from my mistakes

  8. those are very effective AL, I agree with Becki, you're very clever!

  9. Chucks L

    You fair make be blush - these are just messing about things


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