Sunday, August 06, 2006

My son and daughter in law have been staying here too this weekend - and have just departed.

He has loaned me his camera for a few days until my one is delivered. His is a Canon.

I don't have much of a clue how to work it (no instruction book with it) but just with these photos, taken this evening when the sun had gone in, I can see how very much better it is than mine one was.

The card is full, and I can't find my old camera - it will be here somewhere - otherwise I would have taken more!

But I thought that I would include these shots from a selection of flowers in my garden.

Fairly quick visits up to the allotment - 2 x half an hour each day, to see to the chooks and harvest. Tomorrow major pruning of hedges going on - so I am needed here.

Hope to get back to 'normal' up the allotment later in the week - not really any free time until Thursday. But as soon as it is humanly possible I will be there - working - and you will be the first to know.

Echinacea - so illuminating

Day Lily at the end of it one and only day of flowering.

Cardoon just turning into a seed head, with a family of bees enjoying the last of the pollen

Centurea Seed Head

Coreopsis with insect

Hollyhock with bee tucked up for the night.


  1. Lovely pics. I love the Echinacea one. Very pretty. Nice to have the photos back!

  2. i am so glad you have photos. thanks to the guy that let it us his. i love your flowers photos.

  3. Gorgeous flowers Allotment Lady, and nice to see photos back on your blog again.

  4. Thanks becki, patsy and leonie for your encouraging comments. I was pleased that with the little time I had to take the photos, and in a dull light - without the flash (don't know how you use it), that I could take a photo with some nice close up detail.

    So when my camera arrives, and with a manual too, I hope to get some practice and improve my somewhat limited skills

    Found my camera, so now have a card to fill up - there might be no stopping me now!

    Really must be off to bed, Early morning lumberjact duties tomorrow LOL

  5. oh, I love the flower closeups. I have a picture of bees in a hollyhock on my blog also--I didn't realize they like to tuck up in them for the night, though.

  6. Great to see the pics back AL!
    Missed them!



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