Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sandie's Tote Bags - Aren't you just envious of me?

I can't remember if I have mentioned it on my blog before, but I hate carrier bags and try not to get them. My family save me ones they get their shopping in, which I recycle. I have a couple of old beach bags that I use on the rare occassions that I shop, and we get a cardboard box from Lidl if we fill up our bags, or just put the things from the trolly into the boot.

So to receive these gorgeous bags - was just the most perfect gift - together with the pinnies and material scraps.

Don't you think that Sandie could make these for a living? Mind you she might not want to be 'tied' to a sewing machine day in and day out.

Thank you so much Sandie - you hit all the right buttons.

My personal Rooster Booster bag. The straps are lovely and long so I can use it as a shoulder bag - actually it has been used already and very comfy it is too.

Here is the other bag that Sandie made for me - gorgeous - isn't it amazing that she has such wonderful material and so 'just me'- my battles with the bunnies are famous! It makes me so happy looking at all her materials.

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on some of these or similar, I would be eternally grateful. My mind is buzzing with ideas for original Christmas and birthday presents. And maybe doing some for charity - if I get good enough.

This is the pinny pocket on the cream apron - it brings a smile to my face just looking at it. I must be the best 'dressed' 'cook' in the lane!

Close up detail of my apron with gardening theme - it is so 'me'. I just love it.

Look at this wonderful stash of material. My jam pots are going to look pretty spectacular aren't they?

This is one of the pieces of material Sandie sent me - isn't it gorgeous. I will cut each piece up individually I think and use it as applique - now that Sandie has inspired me. I will make a template of one of the aprons she made and of the bag and have a go myself. I might, just might, have a go at a small patchwork some time.

I am off to town to get some apples and lemons and to make another batch of jams. Torrential rain, black skies, the most miserable of days - but you can bet your sweet biffy that I will be a very happy 'bunny', in my 'chicken' pinny filling the little kitchen with jam and bread smells.

Have a good day everyone - and if you are feeling down because of the weather - take another look of the lovely things above - they can't fail to make you feel good.


  1. Have a good day L...

    Guess what I am doing today!

    YES The study!


    Oh and I will not be looking out of the window....I may peep into the potting shed!! LOL


  2. Aren't you lucky! That's the cutest fabric.

  3. My sister took me to Hobby Craft in Northampton last time I was there and they had lots of material amongst all their other crafts. It is a very big store, 3 stories and has all you need for any Arts and Crafts project.

    There isn't one near Norwich but here is their site. They have a wonderful assortment of materials.

  4. P.S. It might be worth asking of they do samplers for material. Some patchwork places send you a packet , ( probably for a fee ) 1 inch squares to view.

  5. What lovely fabric, just perfect for you AL, people are so thoughtful aren't they? It quite restores my faith in humanity, things like this.

  6. And mine too - I am repaying the kindness with a parcel of my own home made things.

    I hope that Sandie likes them.

    Just putting the final touches to things

  7. Oh joy!! Lovely fabrics and a day making things!Will post re the bag I'm using made by a friend,might give you another idea,check my blog in a while.


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