Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lumberjack Lady

It wasn't my fault, it stopped raining and Pat was sitting watching sport - so I just went for a walk around the garden.

The falling down fence is now being replaced as it is the best thing to do. Part of the hedge that we had trimmed last Monday is now going to be chopped down tomorrow so that I can get at the ivy and get rid of it once and for all (in my dreams).

As the sun was shining I decided to have a go at the hedge. I know that he only trimmed it last week, but this is just a small part of it and it looks like it is on its last legs anyway.

I have sawn off all the branches and just left the trunks.

Can't do any more until the skip comes tomorrow.

I can't see what the problem is - I have saved him a job and it means that the man helping us can get on quicker with the fence doesn't it?

A good excuse to go back to watching football methinks LOL

Whilst I go back to daydreaming under the pergola

Socks off at dawn - for grape crushing?


  1. Hi AL - I love the picture of Pat staring at the carnage :-D

    Good work, lady!

  2. Yeah, I loved the pic of Pat too. Looks to me like the poor guy is thinking 'what an earth has she been up to now?' and 'I bet she expects me to tidy up this mess as well'.

  3. Lol! LOL!LOL!

    Yes, Pats' arms on hips says it all!
    You'll be taking up Blacksmithing and welding next so as to make your own wrought iron fence!???Jacky of all trades!LOL!

    Got my car transport sorted, a 'banger' off of my brother until after I've moved and then he's going to look out for another car for me. Bless him, he can sound so abrupt and uncaring but, really he's a big softy!

  4. Oooi - I thought that you were all on my side. He knows that if it is too quiet I am up to 'mischief'.

    Actually, I am a 'do-er' sort of woman rather than a 'watcher' or 'talker' - I get stuck in!

    As you will see tomorrow once I have to then energy to write about it - and when the rain stops so that I can take some photos!

  5. Oh, I'm on your side. I'd hate to see what Lumberjack Lady would do if she had a chain saw, though!

  6. good job. i know about Ivy. when i was a child we lived at carrollton Ar, in a brown 2 story house that was covered with Ivy on one side. my father said it damages the house so being a young man he under took to get rid of it first he cut all the ivy where it came out of the ground then he began to pull it off the house. when he got to the main branch it was attached to the house so good that he couldn't budge the vine at the top. he started swinging on the vine and was going fast and faster. when the movement brought him back to the wall of the house he would take both feet and brace him self and swing out again. he looked like a circus performer swinging all around and perhaps he was enjoying the feat when back he swings and crashes thro the front room window.I can still see him on that vine in my mind and i was about 4years old at the time. daddy would have been about 25 years old then. my brothers and sisters have memories of my father as a middle aged man but i remember him as a young man.

  7. Patsy - what a brilliant story - after struggling with thick ivy stems some like tree trunks, I was imaging Tarzan being able to swing on them - then to read about your father doing so - and the results. What wonderful memories - lucky you.

    Thank you so much for sharing them with us

    I am exhausted so off to bed for me.

  8. Molly - LOL - 'Hedging' your bets huh?

    Those chains saws are lethal weapons eh? Our 'man' doesn't use them so it is a nice quiet and kind job when the trees have to come down.

  9. Love the pic of Pat too.........
    bet he is a maild mannered man AL! Always sounds so nice ont he phone!

    Good job done there chuck!


  10. Thanks D - and yes, Pat is a very nice man, and absolutely adores me and vice versa - which is such a blessing in Autumn years.

    He rather got a shock to his system when he met and finally persuaded me to marry him!

    Especially as I am such a 'worker', and get on and do things whatever they are 110%. The fact that I didn't spend all my time and money shopping, etc, was a shock too. You can still be feminine and dress well etc without have 100 pairs of shoes, and so many clothes that most of them do not see daylight LOL

    Off to another town whilst he's at golf shopping. A new dress? A new top? Not quite - Aubiose for my chickens LOL. One thing I do spend money on is Chanel 5 and wear it every day - one does have some standards one does LOL


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