Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And here are the girls today - for those of you with withdrawal symptons!

Happiness is..........pottering around on my allotment with my chickens for company, constantly by my side.

Ginger and KoKKo on the hunt for goodies - Adelaide got bored and wandered off to the raspberry canes.

KoKKo - lets give her something to photograph - he he - bet she'd never put a photo of us on her blog, doing a 'moonie'

Are you talking to Moi? It was KoKKo's idea not mine!

Ginger giving me the beady eye!

Is this my best side?

Or is this?

I can't decide so here is a full frontal


  1. so very glad you got your camera, i was about to go stir crazy with my window on britian. if you get a moment go to my blog i posted a picture of my garden 3 years ago to show that i did grow a garden before i got old.

  2. Wow! and Wow again!



  3. I picture Ginger saying, "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille."

  4. ahhhhhh, lovely photos and the ones of Ginger are fantastic. your allotment is looking lush I'm amazed that it's doing so well with so little water. great camera AL, I'm looking forward to many more photos.

  5. molly - that's a good line - wish I had thought of that.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on the photos - nice to know that you missed them! I will have to see how I get on with the camera - lots of technical stuff to wade through.


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