Friday, August 04, 2006

Congratulations to Karen of Switzerland

When she logged on she was the 24,000th person to do so.

Bells were ringing, lights flashing, champagne corks popping, a shower of balloons and glitter fell from the ceiling................

Well they would have if I could have arranged it.

But a big thank you to all of you. 24,000 hits since I put the counter on seven months ago.

You must all be as dotty as me!!!!!

But I really do appreciate it - and it will not go to my head - I promise.

I hope that I can provide you with more entertainment for many months to come. And with PHOTOS again when the camera comes.

I will tell you all about it when I get it.


I have just had a look to see how many posts I have typed up. 458 published and still on the blog. 50 on another one. 100 posts that were on here, but I deleted.

And they were not little posts like this LOL. I really must 'get a life' LOL LOL


  1. That's alot of views!

  2. It sure is I am flabbergasted. It is also a lot of typing over 400 pages - will just go and check how many.

  3. Mariella11:11 am

    I've been reading your blog for about 4 months now, since I got my own allotment!

    Thanks for all your posts, all 458 of them as well as all the piccys I've enjoyed all of them - it's the first place I look at when I get into work!

  4. Thank you Mariella - what a lovely complement I am so missing my camera and can't wait for its delivery next week.

    Seems very peculiar without it.

  5. Karen3:23 pm

    And the prize is ?....

    .....24 lbs of courgettes, 5 lb of onions all with a deer chunk taken out of them and half a dozen eggs, one from each hen, No, only 5 as one, Dilly ? is not laying. Now to get them through customs.

    Perhaps we all ought to get a life !!!

    Lets get going for the 25, 000 and see who gets that.

    AL you will have to start thinking of what to grow for that prize.

  6. Karen that is hilarious. I actually had a heap wheel barrow full of onions!


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