Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands - my hands are sore from clapping right now

Sandie, Sandie, Sandie, words can not describe my emotions and gratitude as I opened my parcel half and hour ago!

I am a bit choked for words and will post more about it later. But here are just a couple of beautiful hand made things that I recieved in the post - from a wonderful lady who reads my blog page.

Heaven knows what I have done to deserve these - and I have never had an apron bought for me before - let along have someone make one for me.

As you all know I am a person who loves the simple life and to make as many things as I can. I spend ages making lots of things and give most of them away - I get enormous pleasure and sheer joy from doing so - and now to receive something like the parcel I got today - I experienced the most exquisite, feeling of warmth and humility and gratitute that someone, whom I have never met, should take the time and trouble to make some things for just for me. The only ones in the world, unique and just for me. When you make something, you can never make another totally identical. You may use the same materials, but if it is hand made there will always be a different, albeit in the stitching, knitting, painting cooking, and I have some very very original gifts now, that were made just for me, and I will truly treasure them and use them.

Here are just a couple of things that I felt compelled to post photos here before I go up to the allotment - rather late to let my girls out and dabble.

The aprons are exquisite and feature my favourite things - the model has seen better days, and is wearing her allotmet outfit (sorry about that - had to grab Pat quickly (tutting) to take a photo of them as he was dashing out the door for golf.) The photographer did not chop my head off for a change - I did that!

More later - I really must dash.

I will send a private email later in the day Sandie xxxx


  1. ahhhh those are absolutely gorgeous Allotment Lady, you lucky girl! They look beautifully made.

  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Wow how lucky. You must be very privilidged.


  3. They are really well made Leonie and I can't believe how lucky I am. I am parcelling up some of my handiwork in return - have been squirrelling some away for Sandie for a while now.

  4. The aprons are so cute!


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