Friday, August 11, 2006

The confessions of a new camera owner

I thought I would confess to my inadequacies of using my new camera. Has anyone else ever had trouble with new gadgets?

It is a bit like being top of the class in one school, then being bottom in a new senior school!

For someone my age, I am usually 'very' forward with gadgets, and I often get asked for advice or help - especially with the computer.

After having my previous camera for 4+ years which I knew through and through and never had to think about anything; the new one sure is a learning curve!

Technology has really changed in those years though.

I have spent a few days trying to find the dial to adjust the image in the viewfinder to suit my (and everyone elses) eyesight to no avail.

I have read the thick manual - perhaps that is the problem - read too much and got confused.

I went up the allotment this morning and took quite a few photos - particularly before and after shots of work I was doing.

This afternoon when I got home, I took more shots of some produce - rather arty ones I thought too.

Because it is blurred looking through the viewfinder, you can't read the tiny symbols on the screen - Pat had a look, and he has really good eyesight - but even he couldn't make out any of them. If I could have read them it might have made a difference!

I downloaded the photos onto my hardrive and saw boxes of multiphotos.

- Strange - when I clicked on the first - I had filmed a video including sound. Weeds blowing gently in the wind - as interesting as watching paint dry when you have a movie about it!

All of my single shot photos were video clips. Chickens scratching, pecking, climbing beans swaying, black clouds drifting, and a conversation over a basket of beans with Pat about trying to read the symbols - and other inane topics!

But just now, I found why and how it happened, and I even found the eyesight adjustment for the viewfinder.

Things should be a lot clearer from now on :lol: :lol:

In my defence, I was up almost all night and had only three hours sleep. I was up and out to the allotment, and spent three and a half hours working my socks off! Came home to cook lunch, process the veggies for freezing, before admitting that I could hardly keep my eyes open and went for a lie down for an hour!

Things are a lot clearer already!


  1. i know how the camera can be hard to work. my new camera will take video but i have not tried don't even want too. i just like the point and shoot part. i have learned to take close ups from a distance but that is it. glad you got a nap. i take one most days. i figure i can if i want.

  2. Allotment lady.........................................I have had my camera for 3 years..........

    only last week did I work out how to take close-ups!

  3. Allotment Lady................why not visit a camera forum I use?
    I got some really useful advice....

  4. my neighbors have often been amused at the sight of me kneeling in the garden, camera in one hand and instruction book in the other. it'll come eventually, you know, like using the pc, shout at it for an hour and somebody leans over and says just push this button.. .

  5. Thanks all - Mrsn - just joined the forum - and another.

    Claire - LOL at your comment. I am feeling so cross with myself at the moment as I can't work out what has gone wrong - (user error not camera). It is so frustrating when you sort one thing out and then another appears in it's place. I am going to 'sleep' on it tonight, then have yet another look to see if I can find the solution to this latest problem!

    Must be getting dotty in my old age.


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