Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Day, New Challenges

Up early today as this is the only day for the next five days that we will get dry weather - so the powers the be say.

So off to survey, repair, recover and weed up the allotment. It is so very wet, but needs must.

I also have to get back and make a new rain cover for the bantams run, as theirs is ripped to shreds. So it will be a busy day.

After vacuum packing and labelling my tomato puree mixture last night,it was getting late so I just flopped on the sofa, put a relaxing CD on - Dire Straits - and read my book. A rare treat for me. Pat was out bowling, so no television, and I got the whole sofa to myself - bliss.


  1. Bliss indeed AL!
    What are you reading at present?


  2. looks like the bantam cover is sheets of plastice, is it?

  3. Mrs N - a murder gory story - makes a bit of a change from gardening books.

    patsy - They were made out of shower curtains. Just made a more substantial one. Photos another day. I am truly, truly, exhausted.

  4. Karen7:31 pm

    Hello AL. Just thought that I would update you from not so sunny Switzerland. I was talking to my husband the other evening about the benefits of getting some hens for the garden, 3 bantoms as they would eat all the coddling moths, provide us with a pet or two and we would get some eggs. So today we took charge of.......

    a Golden Retriever for 5 months ???????? Er.........

    Hens may come later-not. What happened ??' Hubby is now out walking the dog. He, He.Or as Blog speak goes LOL.

  5. Not much difference in the two huh?

    One provides eggs, eats, pests and manures the garden.

    The other - drops hairs, eats for England, ruins the garden, and well we won't mention that. But they are faithful and adorable, and loving - and Golden Retrievers are nice too. I had a huge almost white one and I loved him to bits - so did everyone else.


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