Saturday, August 12, 2006

Clever Camera - shame about the user!

Well another unsuccessful day with my lovely new camera. Grrrr.

I spent the afternoon in my 'shed studio' in the garden - with the sound of torrential rain hammering on the roof.

I did some experimental flower arrangements which I was going to post on here, and to give instructions of anyone wanted them - as they are really easy to do and would make great, and inexpensive presents for birthdays or Christmas.

Took quite a lot of photos, and instead of getting one shot of each, when I downloaded the them I got a tiled block effect of each photo rather than just the individual shot!

I can't find out what I have inadvertantly done wrong this time as I put it on automatic - which means that you just point, and click, and the camera works it all out for you!

At least I have my son's camera on loan, so I shall take some photos with that, if I am in the mood to tomorrow.

Can't work outside at the moment because to the heavy rain, but I need it to stop as on Monday we will be helping to fell trees and put up a new fence. Might be able to let the banties roam the whole garden then!

Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. maybe there is something wrong with the camera.

  2. I think your camera is okay, but the software that you are using to download might be the problem.

  3. I just think you need to keep trying. If not take it to a camera shop for some advice? didn't Leonie have the same one, or was it Kathy?


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