Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A visit from the family ..............great.

Tuesday 16th May 2006

I have had KoKKo, Ginger and Adelaide for 195 days today and including the three eggs which I collected a few minutes ago they have laid a total of 460 eggs!

Dilly, Pumpkin and Freckles I adopted 62 days ago and they have laid a total of 102 eggs. Not bad at all for little bantams and considering the Dilly has been broody for weeks.

A family day today, so I busied myself making a loaf of bread in my bread maker – still to painful to do it myself at the moment but using my favourite recipe that I usually make by hand, I get good results. I have now learnt how to set the machine to do a dark crust so it bakes a nice as it does in the oven.

I also had a go at making some chocolate chip cookies using a recipe from River Cottage Family Cookery Book – the same book that I bought for our eldest Grand daughter for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

These really are the easiest cookies to make and only take 8 - 10 minutes to cook. Luckily I had a bar of plain chocolate for the chunks that are in them.

They don't look very exciting before they are cooked do they?

They turned out huge and really lovely and crispy - a big hit. Not many calories (LOL)

For lunch I did rainbow trout stuffed with thyme from the garden, flaked almonds and on a bed of my home made tomato, pepper, and onion sauce that I cooked from my home grown ingredients in the summer and froze.

We were going to have purple sprouting broccoli with it, but for some reason the smell of it made me feel really really sick (the pain killers make me feel nauseous but this was extreme!)

When my daughter in law came, she took me to the asparagus farm just down the road, so we had fresh picked asparagus steamed, then drizzled in virgin olive oil and sprinkled with finely grated strong cheddar cheese. We also bought a carrier bag almost full each of us to freeze as it is so cheap and really fresh.

All ready to go in the oven. My photography especially the colours do not do the biscuits or rainbow trout justice. The lunchtime meal took less than half an hour to cook - easy peasy.

Off for a rest – heavy rain is due the next few days – so no plans to do anything in particular.

I can’t go to my flower arranging workshop on Friday or the scrap book workshop early next week so that is a shame. There is always next month though.

Off to have a mug of warm goats milk and a big chocolate chip cookie.


  1. The cookies look lovely Lottie, which reminds me I was meant to bake some today to take to my Dad's tomorrow, he's going to be dissapointed! oops!

  2. denise t11:21 pm

    what beautiful fish...do u buy them fresh daily nearby?

  3. you cookies looked realy good. the fish was very attractive. hope you are better soon. after 3 weeks i was getting a little better but until then i just layed. did you get blisters and sores. my blisters were as big as a 25 cent piece. course you may not know how big that is. they went around my left side from my navel to my back bone.hope you are resting tonight.

  4. Ohhh, the aspaaragus sounds lovely! I must try and geet some from nearby and treat the mistress of WB Paddocks :)

  5. Hi,
    Have just had 'breakfast' of Medditerranian (sp?)cream crackers with orkney crab pate on, followed by 3 'dead fly pies' (Eccles cakes), when one was already too much, swilled down with a mug of decaffeinated tea with 'stuff' and lemon in (Tetleys 'calming' teabags).....but I did enjoy it all!

    You see I knew you'd have something mouthwateringly good on show, so thought I'd eat before I looked LOL!Your food looks wonderful, esp. the trout, I love olives, tomatoes, onions and flaked almonds...I'm drooling now!
    The 'low calorie' cookies looked ...well VERY edible mmmmmm!

    Now I must get to bed, 2 nights to go , then 1 weeks' annual leave.
    My sister and niece are treating me to Chelsea Flower Show next Thursday, really looking forward to that! Yes, will take the camera!! and spare batteries.
    'bye for now,


  6. Thanks Jesse they tasted good too. I like the different sizes you get when you make them yourself don't you?

    Denise t - I am very lucky and get fresh fish from a village near here - in the middle of nowhere is a fishing boat in a yard of a farm - and ex fisherman now runs a business and has a smoke house too. Must take my camera on my next visit.

    Patsy - ditto to all your symptoms, and I am resting tonight. Feet up the works

    hb The aspargus is wonderful - parmesan grated cheese is best, but my OH says that it smells like sick so won't eat it!

    Lovely news Sandie - have a wonderful week off - I will miss you.


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