Friday, May 12, 2006

Still here but poorly...............................

Hi Folks

Sorry that I haven't posted since Sunday - I haven't been very well, but hope to start posting a bit more soon.

I have GOT to rest up a bit, doctors orders, and I am backwards and forwards having acupuncture so that only leaves me a few days to do things. Not good results from the MRI scan either, and they want me to go back for another scan. Hey Hoy - the joys of getting old I guess.

Still enough of that.

I have managed to do a bit of pottering - will type that up later today hopefully, and will have news on what the chickens have been up to.

So don't give up on me - normal service should return in the not to distant future, but my poor old body needs a bit of a rest so that it is sooner rather than later.

Lovely sunny day here today, - and dear husband in taking me up the allotment to help me move Adelaide, KoKKo and Ginger's house and run, over a bit. It is has been sat in the same spot for almost five days now and the meadow has taken a battering there.

I have still been letting them out freeranging for 3 hours a day, and the run and extension are plenty big enough for far more chickens than just my three, but as chickens love to dig and scratch, they soon ruin the grass, so there are bare patches now where their run is. I was moving it on my own every other day, but just can't manage it at the moment and OH has been busy doing his own things.

I will take a photo to show you just what three chooks can do in a few days. Mind you they love Dock weed so I am happy that they eat that. They have also had a stalk 4ft tall, of purple sprouting broccolli in their run ever day which they have stripped bare - so that has saved the grass a bit.

Back later - hope that the sun is shining on you all.


  1. Dammit woman! You've got to take it easier for a bit Al ! (This is my stern typing voice)

    Hope you make good progress soon :)

    Oh - I've started off the Rhubarb Schnapps!...looks pink and interesting at the moment. I'm like a kid the day before Easter...."How long do I have to wait!!!! "

  2. Not well? Have you tried sitting on ice cubes?

  3. I am glad to here from you but I was pretty sure you were ill, now I didn't tell you to set on ice cubes. i said put them under your broody hen, do you hear HB?

  4. Hi AL, glad you're still with us LOL! we all told you to take it easy, didn't we? BUT, YOU are going to now, right? enough of the lectures!

    We had some sun today, but mostly overcast and became quite humid at one point. The temp has dropped now and we have the odd rumble of thunder and a few spit spats of rain. It had better not rain too hard before I get the new guttering on the shed and into the rain butt or I'll sqweam and sqweam until I'm sick! Where do these words come from???? Was it a Shirley Temple movie, no, too young to remember those...LOL!
    Glad the chooks are ok too.

  5. Thanks for the lovely messages they really make me chuckle. There are quite a few of you making the Schnapps - do you think that I should get commission from the vodka people?

    Hmm sitting on ice cubes - don't want to add piles to my list of ailments thank you HB - LOL

    Patsy - HB is a wicked boy and has a really funny sense of humour - maybe he thinks that I am broody too - at my age?? As if!

    Sandie - I know, I am my worst enemy - just thought that I could work through the pain etc as I usually do - but I can't so there - you were all right so you can all say in unison I TOLD YOU SO.

    Shirley Temple - more like Bonne Langford as Violet Elizabeth in Just William LOL

    My hair is strawberry blonde so not as ginger as she had - well now mine is more golden blonde, and I remember friends taking the micky and saying to me those very same words. LOL

    Thanks all

    Off to bed.

    Night night xx

  6. i knew he was joking, i was when i replied to him.i don't want to say i told you so, i think that anyone who never had the shingles can't possible know what it does to a person.when i went back to work i went by the drugest and had her fill my pain pills, this was after 3 weeks. she said she couldn't fill it for another week and i broke down and cried right there. i told her i didn't know how i was going to live. she filled my pills!

  7. Hi there! Glad your back. Sorry to know that you're still struggling with everyday. I hope the punture treatments are helping!

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