Friday, May 19, 2006

Garden update

Just a few photos so you can see what a bit of sunshine and showers have done to my garden.

What a difference a couple of weeks make to my home made willow arch. A couple of weeks ago you saw a photo of it with just a few wispy pieces and now it needs it's first hair cut. But I love watching the birds sitting on the top branches and just loving being bounced and swayed about when the wind blows - so I will leave it a week or so more.

This is my magic corner that I created out of corner of weeds and thorny bushes so deep that I did not know that I had a corner beyond them. The old gazebo is made to look old - it was built out of junk. It is painted blue as the colour blue makes things recede rather than stand out. It is a damp corner and when I sit and hide in there and day dream, little insects buzz around in front of me no matter how hot the day or evening. The birds love to sit on it and in it, the squirrels use it to climb up to get to the walnut tree behind, and on the huge silver birch tree is a bird box used by blue tits and I can sit and what them go in and out. Hidden in the corner I get a lovely view in the summer evenings of all the birds and insects. It is my favourite place.

The woodland garden starting to grow lush and take on the jungle look that I love

Remember a few short weeks ago when the woodland border was bare - and a month before that when it was covered in the woodchips from the chicken pen?

Well it is now bursting with life - and this is just a taste of what is to come over the summer!


  1. love the pictures. I don't see how you take care of all of that.are you sure you don't have hired help?

  2. Thank you Pasty - and no - no hired help just me and I have gardens out the front too!

    OH has started mowing the lawns for me though - two at the back and two at the front - the other lawn I gravelled at is was small and awkward.

    Just got back from being tortured so have to have a rest - back later.

  3. Hi,
    The garden is looking good! It's good to take photos as even if you don't move many plants around in the garden, it can look different from year to year, clearly due to climate, birds 'seeding' things around along with the wind-born seeds and simply some plants 'doing' better one season or the next.
    I can't remember the construction of your willow arch, will have to look back in your blog, if I have room in my next garden, this is something I'd like to do and or an arbour, curved with a seat in of course! I've got a picture somewhere in my 'garden ideas' folder, if I come across it, I'll put it on my blog.

    Off to do my chores now,in case I have any folk looking around the house at the weekend.
    Hope you're sessions with the 'physioterrorist' and the 'darts' player have left you a little more comfortable?

  4. Yes please do put it on your blog when you find it. I am still trying to work out where I can put an arbour - I am running out of room in the back garden!

    Feeling really rather rough after the visit - but should hopefully feel better than this in a couple of days - yippee

    Have a good weekend.

  5. Your garden looks beautiful - isn't this the most fantastic time of year?! (Will post some garden pictures soon, by the way!)
    All the best, Mike

  6. Thank you Mike - they are just a few shots of some of the areas. I didn't want to post too many and bore everyone - just did a shoot of the previously bare ones to show how quickly things grow and how fresh and lovely it all is this time of year.

    I am looking forward to a feast of photos from you - after a bit of a famine LOL

    Your photos put my snaps to shame - so I need to see more of yours to learn from the master!


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