Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday' s bread machine loaf - with recipe

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Another day trapped indoors by the non stop rain – so yet more cooking.

I thought I would show you how my bread making machine – that cheapo £19.99 one, turns out bread.

I adapted my favourite bread recipe that I make by hand, and it works really well in the bread maker. You just have to do things in reverse order in a machine.

Here is the recipe if you have a machine and fancy doing it yourself.

Put the ingredients into your machine in the order listed. This will make a 2lb loaf.

I use toasted sesame oil (recommended by Mike who gave me the basic recipe that I have played around with and added bits)

A glug or two of oil
350ml warm water
1 dessertspoon full of black treacle
1 teaspoonful of salt (I use Lo salt) but any will do including rock salt
400grms white bread flour
200grms of wholemeal flour
1 Sachet dried yeast

I also add two handfuls of seeds that I have ready mixed in a container, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Depending on what machine you have – you can either add these after the flour or add them as per your machine instructions. I throw mine in at the same time and they never get ground up or broken.

Set the machine to the wholemeal bread setting – and go do something else!

I set the machine to a medium crust for this loaf (in error) as I usually go for a dark crust. As you can see it still turned out wonderfully crispy.

This is the top view - you can baste the bread after the second rising and add seeds on top for an even crunchier top.

Whilst this was cooking I made the rhubarb and ginger jam to go with it.

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