Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The rain finally stopped so I rushed out to take a few photos

A huge dripping wet pink blanket of montana drapes over a fence, old barrels, up and along the hedge - you would not believe the perfume that came from it. I have never smelt it so intense - it must have been that the rain had just stopped - well almost!

Part of the front hedge with ornamental cherries - dripping with pink clematis montana

A palest blue 'Grannies Bonnet' Aqualegia - not arrived all by itself and seeded under the hedge.

A blue aqualegia in a crack in the driveway - a gorgeous gift from the birds.


  1. Hi,
    Are the seedlings, beetroot?
    Your photos are wonderful again! Delightfull to see even on a miserable day...
    Having said that, it has been on/off sunny and windy here,so, may be able to get the grass cut, it's 'brown bin' collection on friday, the grass will nicely fill it... so guess where I'm off to now? LOL!

  2. You don't sleep much do you LOL

    A good guess Sandie but not beetroot. Good choice of colour though!

  3. tell me what does lol mean? we don't have that term here.

  4. patsy, lol I think means "lots of laughs" but perhaps it means something else!

    Lottie, so pleased the "plants" arrived safely, the one on the left looks broken? Hopefully it will recover and grow away nicely for you.

    Your garden must be beautiful with all those colourful flowers, the montana clematis is gorgeous!


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