Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunshine on a gloomy day

Yesterday (Saturday) after all the torrential rain, I thought I would remind myself of the lovely summer sunshine of last year.

So I defrosted a summer fruit mixture from the freezer. I never quite know what to expect as I do all sorts of mixes depending on what I have that day.

This one turned out to be strawberries, apples and damsons.

I added a crumble of plain flour (I always use plan bread flour in all my cooking), jumbo organic oats and a little Demerara sugar.

Cooked it in the fan oven on 180c and hey presto something for tea - a crunchy light topping and oozy juicy summer fruits.

A dollop of ice cream or home made custard anyone?


  1. i'm comming to dinner.

  2. I'll put the kettle on for you - see you later!!! LOL


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