Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blast Compooters

I typed a long posting on my lap top whilst laying on the sofa resting, and added more during the day, and saved it in Word. This evening it told me to download updates which I did - and now it will not connect to my main pc or access the internet so that I can download it - so for now here are a few photos that I took this evening.

This is what lush grass looks like after four days of not moving the chicken run. Amazing isn't it and they free ranged for a few hours each day and had a whole stem of purple sprouting broccolli to eat too! As well as their normal rations of course.

It will grow back though - when we get rain - I think!

Runner beans that I planted on the 21st April in the cardboard inner rolls from toilet paper. I planted them out tonight with a bean seed too - as insurance if I have any failures or a late crop if I don't!

A week ago, this asparagus was just a few inches high and a few stems - now it is waist high - amazing how fast it grows and without any rain too!

My potatoes need earthing up when I get some energy.

xxxxxxx Here was supposed to be the photo but blogger won't load it. Doh!
I will try again tomorrow

A view through the netting of my DIY fruit cage made out of old pallets and netting. Just little corner of it - I am chuffed to bits that my cuttings are now bushes and laden with the promise of currants to come. I have raspberries in there and strawberries too, a logan berry, and gooseberry as well a different currants. Guess who will be busy making jams this summer - and more flavoured vodka!

I took the next two photos in Hertfordshire through the car window as we travelled on a new bypass.

Fields of rapeseed - the bane of the hayfever sufferers life this time of year.

Instead of grass verges as usual the rapeseed had taken over - even lush on the central reservations - it grows where nothing else seems too and with little rain!

Looks nice and bright though!


  1. i love the pictures along the road, post more when you can.

  2. denise t2:51 am

    well i missed and worried for you while you were gone from posting...but i knew u were getting the needed rest, so i was hoping u were not too terribly ill... u do seem to do quite a bit for someone who is supposed to be letting their body recover...
    i am amazed at the rapeseed fields! that is just a weed? it looks like it was sown on purpose! its not a cover crop to be turned under then? good lord, thats not a great idea...letting these things disperse more seed then...we dont get stuff like that least the farmers dont let fields go like that...
    everything in your garden is looking very nice indeed...we finally had a rain last night, so things here are happy for the mo. but we;ll need more soon...

  3. Hi,
    Didn't know rapeseed could look so good...still makes my eyes run and me sneeze! Tell Denise it's an oil crop, made from the seeds and yes, it escapes into gardens, seeds on the wind or via the birdies Poop!
    I usually visit your site and visit others via the links on your blogger (even though my favourites are bookmarked), but they are missing on your blog, did you notice?

    I've been sitting on my bed with three of the cats, and doing some sewing. I decided to finish a doll I starting making, must be at least 5 years ago! Boy is she....different!!LOL! I've called her 'Betty Rainbow' 'cos of her hair, will post a pic on my blog, it'll make you laugh I'm sure of that!

    off to load up some pics, have a nice rest.

  4. The pics are very nice. We have flower weeds as we call them here in the states along the major highway as well. We have a purple flower and a red flower that grows. I think they are called poppies. We also have a lot of DogWood trees that are planted along side the road. Glad your better, but dont over do!


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