Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Straight out of the oven and onto here - how's that for hot news?

What do you do with a glut of eggs?

Well to start with you can use half a dozen making a couple of cakes.

Mexican Mocha Cake - with nutmeg, mixed spices, and strong coffee - and if you split it in two and make a coffee cream filling. Yummy!

Or how about the cake on the right - Chocolate Orange Cake - with 150 grms of plain 80% cocoa solids, juice of an orange, and some orange oil.

Each one is baked in a 1kg loaf tin so they are HUGE and they freeze brilliantly.

You can have them as a slice of cake. Warm as a pudding with icecream or fresh cream or marscapone or creme fraiche.

How about a slice topped with fresh straberries and cream.

Once cool I will slice them up and freeze them in two slices per pack. - Just in case you turn up for tea.

You should smell my kitchen - and as Mr AL is out bowling - guess who got to lick the bowls. Hmmmmmmmmm (Much better than his sort LOL)

I think I deserve a rest now.


  1. yes I can see some certain breeds now, the black chick is one of the 9 I had with the blue hen, by the way last night at 10 o'clock my time your blog went blank. all it said was allotment lady at the top and nothing else was there. I went on at 6 this morning my time and you were back. the cakes look good. it is trying to rain here. I can tell roosters from hens in the 9 and I have 5 pullets and 4 roosters .I am going to rub it on my sister who only gets 2 pullets in 9 chicks. see you later.

  2. You must be feeding them better food than you sis then Patsy

    By the way - morrish - in the context of food, means that it is so tasty that you really can't help having more and more.

  3. Hi AL
    Sorry it takes so long to reply but with time differences I seem to be online when you are all sleeping!! Its Friday morning now.
    You asked where in SA I live well its a smallish rural township (about 2,000 pop) in the Mid North near the Southern Flinders Ranges. Its lovely and quiet here compared to cities we have lived in and we are enjoying the semi retirement since our children moved out.
    Our house is on half an acre its on our spare block that we grow our vegies and fruit trees. We are on town water and we couldn't garden without it as the rainfall is very low here.
    Yesterday was the start of our winter here and came with a blast of antartic air brrrrrr! and a little rain not the thunderstorms that were predicted but better than nothing for the garden. Enjoy your summer while it lasts and look after yourself.

  4. Scarecrow - what a wonderful area you live in. We travelled all around SA as well as other parts of Australia on our travels. Staying in b&b's wherever we could to get to know people and visit places off the beaten track.

    The area I live in is rural and including the farms etc the population is around 2000 too. It has been since the 15th century, and went down during a few periods.

    Wrap up warm! Best wishes.

    (Will try and put some pictures on in the future that will warm you up!)

  5. Hi AL, just got up after my night shift, looking at the cakes and soap, both making me feel hungry! Is the mexican mocha cake recipe in the Riverside cookbook or one of your own adaptations? I gotta have some!
    Talking of baking, I made some bread on monday, that was much lighter and tastier than my usual'rustique' stuff, and the difference was, using mild,light olive oil instead of fat of any kind, also only kneading (by hand), for 4-5 minutes then proving for one hour in the tins/trays. Result, deliscious! Now I can try my seeds and herbs variations.
    Regarding the food drier, could you give out the details again please? I fancy dried tomatoes, and doing dried veg for winter/emergency use etc.

    I have got my photo fabric, ready to photocopy using my scanner and computer, so when I'm confident, I can do pics of your hens for your pinny! or shopping bag!

    I'm missing my allotment, so am going to build a raised bed on the side-front garden and net it to keep the cats off('super loo' for cats it would be without the netting!), and grow some veg, harvesting young and cropping often. Might be a selling point for the house??!!LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Now that's just torturing us! Both sound & look great but the Mexican Mocha Cake - where is the ability to transport cake via the internet when you need it!
    The soap looks good enough to eat too. Maybe I should have some dinner. Happy weekend.

  7. Hi Sandie

    I have never hear of fabric that you can photo copy pictures on to. I would really like to find out about that and have a go. That's given me ideas for Christmas Presents.

    I will post the recipe for the Mocha cake after the weekend.

    Son house sitting for us for a couple of days - back Sunday,

    And I will look up the drier info too. Have a sun shiney weekend, the weather looks good where I am.

    Hi Petunia's garden. I sure which I could cyber send the cakes and the aromas to you - no doubt some whizz kid will invent that too.

    Have a great weekend - and will pop over to you blog when I get back

  8. dago dame10:01 pm

    Oh Lottie, please, please adopt me!!!!

  9. Are you potty trained dago dame?

    Thank you for the compliment


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