Monday, May 15, 2006

Found - the missing egg...........

Just a short post today I am afraid

I managed to spend some time up the allotment first thing. I didn't take my camera so no photos today, but will make up for it next time.

Firstly I did the usual and let Adelaide, Ginger and KoKKo out. You saw the pile of purple sprouting broccoli stems I put in their run yesterday - complete with purple sprouts on top some of which had turned into yellow flowers. I really was surprised that by 9.30am this morning they had stripped the lot bare, not one leaf or flower in sight,just totally bare stems. With all their food and all the grass I wondered they ate so much!

The egg was still there safe and sound, so I retrieved that, and they hadn't laid any more - they have been laying in the afternoon lately - so I will collect those tomorrow morning.

I managed to dig up some flowers and rake over part of the huge flower bed, did the stamping ground silly walk bit, and sowed the grass seed. I gave it a light rake and job done! Rain was forecast to I wanted to make the most of it.

I pulled up some nettles and grass along a bed on the edge of the meadow. I have an area at the end fenced in just for nettles - right at the very bottom in front of the hedge and field. It is home for insects etc and also deters anything animal or human from getting through from the fields.

I had grown 9 mini cauliflower plants that I received when I did a seed swap with another blogger - and they are looking really healthy so I planated them out as well.

The last to go in today were small Swiss Chard plants which I just had time to plant before I had to rush home to get ready for my appointment.

Acupuncture and physiotherapy - what fun - left me feeling ragged so I had to rest this afternoon. When I got up we had a couple of showers of warm rain - enough to water the plants and the grass seeds - just need a bit more overnight and a shower or two over the next few days and the grass will be well on its way to germinating.

Just eaten tea - home made sultana bread, and a rhubarb crumble - made with dark brown sugar so dark that it adds a wonderful taste to the fruit without it being too sweet, and the crumble of wholemeal flower and jumbo organic oats, and home made butter. Not forgetting the custard of course - scrumptious.

Family coming tomorrow to visit - so I might not get a moment to type up a blog - but we will see. You can bet that if I can I will.


  1. sound like you are busy have a good visit with your family.

  2. Have a great time!! Enjoy but dont over do.

  3. Couldn't sleep, have been watching some tv, and hand sewing my hexagon patchwork and I think a lot when I'm sewing and gardening for that matter! Always leaves my mind too active to sleep...until I start tapping on the computer that is zzzzzzzzz LOL!
    Will have to post some pics of the hexagon patchwork in progress and then folks can see how I'm progressing. Have undone some of the 'Fall' quilt and made three new 'blocks' and attatched them to the bottom of the original 6 blocks, will post a pic of that too. Next o the fall quilt top agenda is how to finish it??! Maybe mitred borders, plain-ish backing with a small pattern on and then bring like a hem over on to the front and slip stitch it in place. then...put a 'sleeve' on the back to slide a stick or cane to hang it up with.

    Then there's the 'summer' fabric with shells, water,fish etc on, colour coordinated to make the 'Summer' quilt hanging....... and your Pinny in hen fabric!
    I do feel sleepy now, will probably 'dream up' the next quilt whilst I'm sleeping....nite, nite!

  4. Case Solved! I wonder if one of the girls would have gone broody is you hadn't found it?


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