Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Links at the bottom right hand side - Gremlins on my site

Since the system was last backed up, for some reason all my links and archives now appear right at the bottom right hand side - so you need to scroll down.

I do not have a clue why that has happened. Hopefully when they next do the archiving in June they will pop back up the top!


  1. what is moorish? don't understand the term. one migh link did that I found i had posted a picture that was to large. i deleted the last picture i posted and everthing went back where it belonged. when i looked at my archives the links were where they were soppose to be. i am going to look at yours and see if the link are where they are sopposed if they are one of your pictures may be to large for the site.

  2. I have been looking at the photos sizes but can't find one that is too big. I used an automatic sizing 'thingy' for web pages that made them smaller than I usually do them.

    Perhaps I made a mistake - if you find it Pasty, thanks very much - I will resize it.

  3. Your over sized pictures are the two of the liquid soap in a bowl. I've had this happen to me too. You can tell from the light grey dotted line down the right hand side of your blog.


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