Thursday, May 04, 2006

A lazy morning up the allotment watching the chickens?

Tuesday 2nd April

OH went off to golf, so I decided to spend an hour up the allotment to sit and watch KoKKo, Ginger and Adelaide free ranging. I took a couple of seed trays of little lettuce plants that I have been growing, to transplant in the salad bed, and apart from doing that and sitting in the shade resting that was all I was going to do.

First task was to visit the triplets down in the meadow and let them out and collect the lovely eggs. I sat in the grass and they came and bok bok bok bok talked to me, and crouched down beside me and let me stroke them, and I even got to have a cuddle too before they toddled off exploring.

They have 40 feet by 30 feet to roam in - so why do they always seem to fight over a few inches - there must be worms and insects in the other areas.

I soon got figgety so went off to plant the little lettuce plants – and was thrilled to see that some seeds had germinated – and with only one rainfall too.

If I hadn’t gone I would never have seen them would I?

I took a walk around the plot and was amazed at all the little flowers on all my fruit bushes, it was such a wonderful moment to see that all the little cuttings I took and planted three winters ago, have grown into fine bushes that will give me masses of fruit this year. All free food too – not that that matters hugely but it is very rewarding.

I had taken some comfrey plants up there with me too that I had grown from a bit of root that I swapped for 7 different varieties of tomato seeds. I managed to get four bits of root and have now got four healthy looking plants.

The decision now was where to put them – and they will grow like wildfire once established and can be invasive. As I went to visit the chooks again I saw just the place. Along the dividing fence – just needed all the grass dug up to make a flower bed – wouldn’t take me long – half hour tops!

Just a slim border along this fence - no big deal!
I hadn’t realised how weak I was when I checked the time when I finished – it took me two hours.

I had to do a bit, rest, dump the grass, rest, do a bit and so on.

One time when I was sitting resting with my back to the chickens and looking out onto the flower beds the other side of the fence that now need weeding again,

I noticed that the chickens had gone very quiet – when I looked behind me I discovered why. The cheeky little things had managed to push the netting fencing forward to get to the comfrey which they quickly devoured.

I just had to let them finish it off for their ingenuity and effort and the entertainment they provided. They couldn’t do it individually, so they all rushed at the net and pushed with all their might, took a peck and were then catapulted back. It really was hilarious – and worth a trip to the allotment just to see that. I planted the comfrey and the pecked one will soon recover.

As I pushed my laden wheel barrow back up the top, I stopped to look at the rhubarb and decided to see how the forced one was doing under the bucket.

The tall old bucket was amongst some of the junk under the weeds and carpets when I took over the plot. To heavy for me to lift with water in it - but I know it would come in handy for something one day!

So I picked it all, and it will now be left to rest for the remainder of the year – it has earned it.

I picked some of the other rhubarb for a pudding (which I haven’t yet had the energy to make yet), and also picked some purple sprouting broccoli for us and my neighbours.

Went back and took one last look at the chooks and put them in their run and arrived home three hours later, and moments before the golfer returned home.

I was shattered so we had fish – sea bream – and a tricolour pasta, which I cooked and then mixed with some wilted spinach and sorrel that I cooked in a green pesto sauce to which I had added the purple sprouting broccoli – it only took as long as it took me to take a shower, and turned out very well considering it was one of those spur of the moment flashes of inspiration!

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