Sunday, May 07, 2006

Raining at last

Well the weather forecasters were spot on for a change and we have the steady rain that is just the right sort for the allotment and to add some to the reservoirs - although it will not be enough obviously, but it all helps.

We didn't get the storms and thunder that was predicted - at least if we did I didn't know of it, and the garden doesn't look smashed or battered thankfully.

Rain on dry ground - another of my favourite aromas - it was wonderful when I opened the back door and smelt it. You could almost hear the plants sighing with pleasure, the birds are perky and flitting about and the soil is almost sucking it up - a wonderful day.

After my mammoth efforts yesterday, I am giving in to what my old body is shouting at me, and will have a couple of days off.


I do have some tangerines and a couple of grapefruit that I want to do something with - so am off to search out a recipe for marmalade or jam - well you must be getting to know me by now, I just can't sit still for long.

I also want to bake another couple of loaves and might just make some cakes - I will see how the day pans out.

Have a good Sunday - and if you need rain and have it - enjoy - if the reverse scenario is the case - then my commiserations - perhaps our sunshine is heading your way.

I feel a day dream coming on and picturing all my thirsty plants perking up and looking fresh up the allotment.

Those peas will certainly settle in nicely, and the poor little strawberries certainly need this to get them going. I watered my little lettuces that I transplanted a few days ago - just in case - but they'll not drown. When I was growing them in the lean-to in trays, (they are a mixture of Webbs, Loose Leaf, Lollo Rosso etc) they were all green and apart from small differences they looked very similar.

After one day in the sumshine the Lollo Rosso turned a dark shade of plum red - I forgot that they did that last year too - isn't it amazing that that happens. Must be somthing to do with photosynthasis, but still fills me with wonder that the tiny little plant just gets 'a tan' in a few hours and all the others don't.

Off to search out that recipe.


  1. hope you do rest a little, I've been bloging around the world. found two that were good one in German and one in Scotland both are gardeners , if you get time I put them on my site for people to visit. have a good day

  2. Thanks Patsy will take a look - but just off to bed, so tomorrow probably.


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