Saturday, October 02, 2010

One misty, moisty, Saturday morning....

7am and the sun is coming out and the mist is lifting

I spent three hard hours pressure washing all our paths yesterday in the back and front gardens and weeded in the front.  So today was supposed to be a relaxing day, and it was until the sun came out.

Having spent two whole days confined to barracks because of the torrential rain, it was lovely to be able to let the game birds out - and especially Bluebell and Henrietta the new girls.
They followed Gozzie over to the pond area and checked out the pottery bantams

You can see I still haven't done any more shifting of soil ready for the turf in front of the chickens - too much rain sadly.

The new girls boldly strode out and then....

Ran hell for leather as they spotted more of the garden

When the sun was fully out, they did decide to come back and pose for me

Henrietta is looking to see if she got her feet dirty - she is not used to running free

I had taken the plastic greenhouse down whilst they were all of playing, which they noticed.  But I did pressure wash away the grime after this photo was taken.  They do rather look as though they are commenting on the dirty paving slabs don't they.

I dearly want to get this soil re-distributed and then turf laid in the coming week - but with rain, rain, and rain forecast, I am not holding out too much hope!

There are eight chickens hiding in that woodland bed - scratching around for worms.

Then they headed off behind what used to be their run - they love rummaging along here and under the conifer the hedges

Look how wet it is - and fungi too!

It's now time to call them in for their supper, the sun has gone in, and it's getting cold again.
I have had a busy and rewarding day again today.  Visited a friend and caught up on all the village 'gossip', cleared out the plastic greenhouse, dismantled it and moved it for the winter.  Picked a lovely bowl full of tomatoes - almost the last now.  Pressure washed more paths, and a couple of walls. Did a lot of tidying around the garden, as well as doing 'housewifey' things

Back soon - hopefully with photos of two more new bantams - fingers crossed.


  1. One of those new chickens looks like she has forgotten to put her trousers on! The legs look like an ostrich! what breed is she?

  2. The ones with the long legs are Modern Game birds - I have three of those all different colours - and they are really comical and run just like the cartoon Road Runner. They also fly around waist height if they are really really in a hurry

  3. It all looks lovely Lottie, take a rest while it rains
    We had 1" of rain overnight on Saturday/Sunday and the garden is squelchy beyond belief. Lovely sunshine today though.


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