Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dawn - and at last - sunshine - and new babes

Dawn and all is quiet in the run. 
The plastic 'glass' tarp is covered with condensation outside, but the sun will soon dry that off and it will soon be like a warm summers day in there for them.
The new girls flew down when they saw me throwing some food in, but decided to stay at the back.
Henrietta did get chased a little bit by Lola, one of the modern game birds

But she really didn't seem too bothered.
There is so much room in their extended run that there is plenty of space to run, jump, fly and perch, so it's quite peaceful.

I am expecting two more new additions either this evening or tomorrow evening - they are really cute.

They will all stay 'confined to barracks' until Monday before they freerange again.  That is just to ensure that the new girls get their bearings and know their way 'home' when it comes time to roost in the evening.

I am so glad that I added the two extra extensions - if we do happen to get that dreadful deep snow we had in January, it will not affect the bantams whatsoever; it was so deep last year that it was taller than they were, hence my adding the first run panel during a snow storm!

I just had to add this photo as it's a bit later and brighter.  You can see Bluebell on the left the Modern Game bird - and how roly poly Henrietta is, the Old English Game bird!
Oh you can see out of the 'windows' now the sun's out.
This is also a good photo to show you the size and height difference between Bluebell and Henrietta on the roosting bars.


  1. love looking at your chickens..must be great feeding them etc and getting fresh eggs every day

  2. Wonderful Lottie! I have so enjoyed browsing and reading all these posts! The girls are gorgeous... as are the fruits (and veg) of your labours! Keep posting - it's fascinating! xx

  3. LazyKay10:21 am

    You need to be careful with these palatial buildings for your chooks - you'll have a family of squatters moving in!



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