Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tons of Taters!

I've been busy drying, cleaning, sorting and bagging potatoes.

It's a very rewarding job after all the planting, weeding, and the hard work of havesting.

It is also very satisfying seeing all the sacks of spuds hanging from the rafters in the garage - about 8 sacks so far - and there are still more to dig up too!
Daisy was dozing in the nest box.  Well it is a nest box but as she won't let another chicken in whilst she is in residence, I have had to put three big flower pots in there - this one is her favourite.   It doesn't matter whether I put it at the end it is now, or the middle, or at the other end, she always sits in the same pot - clever huh?  She's getting quite old now, so tends to just have a little siesta for an hour or so during the day. 

Talking of which - I just managed to get a photo of my girls all lined up in a row lying in the sun in the run.

Until one of them saw me having a sneak peek
Then they all jumped up

And ran out!

It's not often I manage to get a photo of my little flock

All together at the same time - they tend to fly off in all directions!

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