Friday, October 22, 2010

One good thing about being old...........

You stop being so shy and get a bit 'cheeky' - well at least on the phone!   And you never know unless you ask - comes into play!

I left a message on Mr Chicken mans phone, to ask if I could go round there and catch the chickens myself - I'd got the box ready etc.   

He phoned when he got home from work - and half an hour later I was on my way.

Here is a very rare Lemon Sablepoot Millefleur

She was a bit shy about going out to meet the others this morning

So spent a bit of time watching what was going on.
It must have all looked a bit strange, as she usually spent her time with all her brothers and sisters and other babies in a wooden chicken house.

She took the plunge and flew down to be with Dolly Silkie - who is HUGE.

When she is standing tall she is twice the size of the other bantams.

Mr Chicken man was a bit concerned that as the Sablepoots were so tiny compared to his other bantam and standard size chickens, that this one might not be able to stick up for herself.
But compared to all my other rare breeds - she is head and shoulders taller than those.  And Dolly Silkie looks like Big Bird from Sesame Street next to the others.

I'll try and get some more photos tomorrow.

We had to dash up the allotment to get some work done - and my first attempt at this post just disappeared into cyber space so I have had to do it all again

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  1. She's lovely!
    Gone broody Lottie?LOL!

    Sandie xx


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