Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just this and that.

Well I don't have anything very interesting to show you, as I have been busy digging up more potatoes and weeding, up the allotment.

I had a great time meeting up with friends and flower arranging on Friday - more photos on my other blog.

Bluebell and Henrietta have settled in nicely, and spend their days free ranging in the garden - I expect they can't even remember a time when they didn't!

We have been working hard on the garden and at last have got the soil ready for turfing

I think that we must have moved more than 20 barrowloads of soil to change the steep steps and gravel into a gentle slope, and remove the big flower bed.
Andrew came and sunk the sleepers in for the raised bed and measured up for the turf

It seems to be taking forever, but I hope that it will be finished in this week or next week.
It'll be a lot easier for me to manage - as I am getting older and having the huge allotment too - it is all a bit much at times

I cleaned the chicken run out today - first time since I extended it.
I do Peckingham Palace itself every week.

It is so easy to clean now that I have made one of the side panels an opening door, and the perches fixed with curtain hooks so that I can just unhook one side and move them out of the way.

I am pining for my other two new bantams to come.

I see them every week when I go to collect my flowers - they are so cute.
I bought the run extensions to make sure there was plenty of room for them, added the larger drinkers and feeder - and now just have to be patient - which is hard for me!

Fingers crossed I get them before the weekend!

All back in one piece, the sun is shining although it is very cold, but it's a lovely cosy sun trap in the winter for the 'girls'

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  1. Those photos are great, lovely flowers and the new cube run looks fabulous. I will forward a link to my 'helper' so that he knows what I am going for!


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