Saturday, October 30, 2010

Allotment Diary - Me 96hrs. He 94hrs.

Next we tackled the fruit cage
Amongst the weeds on the right hand side are potato plants and some rogue raspberries
On the left hand side a mixture or red and black currant bushes, rogue raspberry plants, loganberry and gooseberry - and weeds, nettles, docks!

The first day we spent three hours digging up half the right hand side potato plants and weeds and some of the raspberries.
The second day we spent another three hours digging up the rest.

The next day I made a start on pruning the  bushes

Yesterday I did some more and with Pat's help added the path

It's looking good.

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  1. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Love the pictures and the very interesting chickens


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