Monday, October 11, 2010

Allotment Diary - Me 84hrs. He 81hrs.

It has been a while since I posted an update on my allotment - too many things going on in my life all at the same time.

Here is a quick catch up of what we have been doing over the weekend.
We have had so much rain this past month that we were prevented from doing much work until this weekend when we really got 'stuck in'

In just a few weeks, the potato and pumpkin patch had grown a mass of weeds.

I was talking to one of the trustees about this particular weed as I didn't recognize it, and she told me that no-one knows what it is.  It arrived last year on the plots at the far end of the allotment site and has now spread rampantly right along!

I made a start on digging it up and pulling up the pumpkin foliage and removing the pumpkins, whilst Pat dug up some potatoes on the other side.   Three hours of digging but it didn't look as dramatically different as I had hoped!

This is most of my pumpkin harvest which was hidden under the foliage, and was also growing in the big compot bins.  It just needs a bit of sunshing to ripen the green ones off now!
I brought them home with me - they filled the back of my car!

We spent time up there again today, as I was desperate to get the paths, and lawns mowed.  The grass had grown really long and lush.  It looked lovely and green, but with the rain forecast again for later on this week and next, I had to get it cut!

I had to go over it all many times to get it short enough - it looks much greener than these photos

I'll be harvesting the comfrey again soon, and digging up some roots to plant at home.

The final clear up of what used to be the piggery site.

I didn't get time to take more photos - but before long work will start on housing.
I do miss the little pigs - they were so friendly and cute.
So a quick look across to my allotment before we came home

Pat finished digging up the remainder of the potato patch at the front which I started yesterday.

It's nice to get it under control again.
I still have a lot of spuds to dig up - but not tomorrow - too much work to do in the garden at home


  1. themessycraftroom8:49 pm

    Hi Lottie you have been busy the pumpkins look great. I bet your exhausted after all the weeding and mowing. Nice to see what you have been upto. Take Care Hugs x ChrisB

  2. I can't believe that they are taking down the piggery! And houses in there... *bleurgh*

    Lovely squashes and pumpkins :)


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