Friday, October 29, 2010

I just could not resist buying more rare bantams - Belgium this time.

At the back are Dolly and Mary
and in the forefront is my beautiful new Belgium Barbu d'Uccle

Mary and Dolly - no longer the new kids on the block

Isn't she the most beautiful colour - she is pearly white - really pearl white

They have a 'mane' of feathers which hide their neck and make their heads look so small

This new young lady at the front almost looks as though she doesn't have a head - or that it is miniscule - its the feathers that do it.

Look at that fantastic colouring - just perfect

The marks on the flower pot are the residue of Diatom - from where I pressure washed the pot then dusted it with the powder.

All these girls are bigger than the modern game - far bigger than the Sebrights.
I just need to choose names for today's two new girls

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