Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday photos in the early morning sunshine

The race to get bits of left over porridge

Dolly and Mary out exploring

There are tasty insects amongst the gravel

The new Belgium babes getting their first 'taste' of freeranging - tentively out of the back door

Mary having a good look around - she only ventured out a little bit less than a week ago - and now she is getting so much more adventurous

Just look at Willow on the left posing with the sun behind her!
And next to her Freckles her gorgeous friend

This fabulous girl hasn't wasted any time in exploring

She is perfectly coloured for being camouflaged in fact later in the day I had a hard job to find Freckles (named by Mr Lottie)


Perfectly posed -sitting on a duck!

Playing hide and seek when it's time to go in.

At one point she flew right over my head when I tried to get her to go in.  I decided to clip just a few of her flight feathers - I would hate her to fly up into a tree and come down the other side of the fence.


  1. You have to call her Waffle as she is from Belgium!!

    C x x

  2. Those eggs must taste heavenly!!!

  3. Griselda...after her mottled greay or "grizzled" plumage.

  4. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Beautiful chickens you have. She is so colorful I would call her colorama.



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