Friday, October 29, 2010

Allotment Diary - Me 88hrs. He 87hrs.

This past week we have been spending quite a bit of time working up the allotment

I wish I had these machines to help me - they are the ones being used to clear the pig farm site

They have had demolition machines knocking everything down
Other machine to dig up the concrete, and yet more that 'chew up the huge chunks and grind it into piles of small shingle.

On the other side of the hedge we have been busy digging up more potatoes

And weeding too.

I managed to give the lawns one last mow before the winter.

These are a sample of the potatoes we are digging up, they are gorgeous

I took a walk up the top end to look at the new plots

They are all coming along nicely

This site is looking massive now it is being cleared

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