Monday, October 25, 2010

By popular demand

Today Dolly finally ventured out of the run.
She took quite a bit of time running up and down along the outside as Mary did the same on the inside

She even joined in the fun and games with Bluebell and Henrietta - acting as a lookout.

It's OK Bluebell - coast is clear - go over the wall - you'll meet Zola on the other side

It's OK Zola - Dolly's on lookout - no sign of Lottie, but you'll have to be quick

Allez-oop!  You did it!  Any really smelly water in there then?
Quick, before Lottie comes

Can you see her Bluebell?

Yep - she's just looked out of the window - I'd be off if I were you!

They all quickly flew off down the other end of the garden - except Dolly!

The others were catching some early morning rays

Gozzie was just dozing off when she saw me - so rushed back indoors

With the others in hot persuit for a spot of a late breakfast

Fresh picked lettuce from the garden, a scattering of corn (they'd already had some Garvo)

Mary doing an impression of a crash landed plane

Dolly proudly showing off her five toes to the others who only have four.

I left them to it whilst I went up the allotment.

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  1. Some lovely photos Lottie - the new girls are totally gorgeous :)

    I used to have a Dolly with a pom-pom hairdo - she laid blue eggs.


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