Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yet more rain, but some bargains to be had

Eggs - Total to date: 284 - Day 127

KoKKo 94 (86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best weight
Adelaide 95 (80grms) 26.02.2006 Personal best weight
Ginger 95 (78grms) 22.2.2006 Personal best weight

I am a bit late posting today – been here, there and everywhere and pretty busy indoors too.

Up and out early to see to the chickens – three eggs today bless them. We have torrential rain all day today, every where is water logged. Really dreadful.

We went into Attleborough today, but I couldn’t get any of the things that I wanted, so had a browse in a charity shop and actually found some bargains.

I wanted to start a stash of material for a new hobby – patchwork and also appliqué. In the charity shop I found a box with material samples – those from interior design shops. The lady emptied them all out of the counter and we had a good old sort through. I probably haven’t picked the right sort of designs, but I went for coordinating colour schemes and just pieces that I liked. The swatches were all different prices, but the lady just put the ones I chose into a bag and charged me £1.50. When I got home and cut all the prices off they added up to £7.20. I also found a pressure cooker – I have wanted one for ages, and it was nice and shiny and hardly used – it even came complete with a recipe book. That was £9.50 and I also saw an electric yoghurt maker. I have one – a different sort, like an electric flask. The one I bought is rather posh one with about 8 or 10 individual glass pots with lids on a base. I haven’t got that out of the box yet to, but it has been checked out physically and the electricity has been checked and verified. I was amazed that it was only £2.20! I also go a hand made book which is hard to describe, if I get time tomorrow I will post some photos if anyone is interested. That was £2.20 too.

When I went to pay, the lady told me that there was a half price sale on, so I paid a total of a little over £8. Not often I get a real bargain like that! It made up for not getting the other things.

Did lots of jobs about the home, then this afternoon I made a birthday card for a little friend of mine. I should have taken a photo of it for here, but it took me a couple of hours to do and I had to get to the post office to catch the collection.

Caught up with a few forums, and am about to relax the rest of the evening.

Plans for tomorrow? None at the moment – but as terrible weather is forecast then probably indoor stuff.


  1. glad to see you post have been worried afraid you were ill.rained here all night and the trees have little baby green leaves this morning. It always amazes me how fast this happens in the spring. do you have dog wood trees in England? how about red bud? when they bloom I am going to take some pictures for you. they grow wild here and is amazing site. wish i could have been with you at the charity shop. we call them second hand shops and i love to go in one and look. allways amazes me what people throw a way. have a good day enjoyed you post as usual. patsy

  2. Thanks Patsy - no need to worry about me. Just sometimes therea are not enough hours in the day!

    Typing the blog up takes a long time, not just typing it, but thinking of things to say and taking photos and editing them!


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