Sunday, March 12, 2006

So happy dust bathing


  1. love the bantamns, have my new computer going. sister no. one did the work. took 5 hours .i have a head ache now. haven't even posted today. don't think i will ,might say bad words. we had a hail storm last night. hail as big as big marbles covered the ground.

  2. Hope that you headache goes, I know it can be a nightmare when you get a new computer - all the sorting out there is to do on it.

    I have been popping over to look at your blogs and wondered where you had gone

    I am off to bed now - another busy day tomorrow and more bad weather on the way!

  3. Found my blog! Was putting in the wrong password! Derr!
    Don't yet know how to put it on the links bit yet, so here is the address, http://sandie'

    Hope that gets you there,my blogs not very exciting yet though.

    nite nite again,


  4. Message for Sandie -have added your blog to my favourites ie unable to add directly to your blog as not a member!


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