Saturday, March 25, 2006

A snuggly, cuddly, grandmother Saturday and great new record a double hat trick

Norfolk Lasses Eggs Total to Date: 327 Day:143

KoKKo 109 Personal best egg weight 86grms 29.11.2005
Adelaide 109 Personal best egg weight 80grms 26.02.2006
Ginger 109 Personal best egg weight 78grms 22.02.2006

London Ladies Bantam Eggs Total to date: 8 Day:12

Dilly 3 Personal best egg weight 33grm 20.03.2006
Freckles 4 Personal best egg weight 36grms 20.03.2006
Pumpkin 1 Personal best egg weight 26 grms 25.03.06

I was up at 6am as my little family had to leave at 8am to go to Bedfordshire as they are house hunting. Mo my youngest son, has been looking at houses for them, ones that they have chosen that are sdvertised on the various agency sites on the web. A couple took their fancy so they are off viewing. Bedfordshire ia couple of hours from here - depending which part of the county you are looking at of course. So it was sensible to go there today rather than make 5 hour trips from Newcastle upon Tyne.

It has stopped raining when I went out to see to the chooks, but we had has so much overnight. KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger were up and eating breakfast, but Dilly, Pumpkin and Freckles were still in bed as they hadn't managed to push their door open - they were making an almighty racket - they are tiny birds but make a louder noise than the hybrids.

They came barging out - straight past the fresh food and water, and checked out what the day was like. They made a bee line for the broccoli basket that had one remaining leaf in left over from yesterday, so I took it down and restocked it and they spent at good half hour eating their greens.

Freckles went back to bed, she had the serious business of laying an egg - but she resurfaced an hour later. I was right about her eggs, they are slightly more pointed at one end and todays effort was a very commendable 36 grms. She is doing so well, and it is such a surprise.

It was surprisingly noisy this morning at that time. Apart from the dawn chorus from the birds which is wonderful to hear as there are lots of birds that visit around our garden as we have some tall trees. There were also many screeches from pheasants, which had been disturbed in the field just the other side of our neighbours garden. This was followed by the neighing of horses out of their early morning gallop which is on the perimeter of the field - it was obviously they who frightened the pheasants. I could hear a cacophony of ducks, they would be in the road behind us, and the chickens from the poultry farm further up the road. Wonderful sounds of nature, so much nicer than those of the cities.

I stayed outside about half an hour just soaking up any sounds I could hear, the lovely fresh smell after the rain, and walke around studying the new growth coming through on the flower beds. Some of which are very deep beds and in the summer are crammed with flowers, so much so you can't see the bare earth.

Day lily leaves are no six inches above ground, spathes of bright fleshly lime green, standing out against the dark mulch. There are a number of clumps of those dotted around. The bright red tightly curled new leaves bursting with energy, and anxious to get a move on, on the roses. The honeysuckle that climbs up the pergola is making tentative efforts to start, but on showing a few worried leaves, perhaps remembering that last May they got burnt from a late frost.

The bulbs I planted in pots all are now showing signs of confidence in the milder weather - hopefully - and even a lot of the fish were on the surface - their golden bodies looking like surfacing submarines slowly gliding from one end of the pond to the other.

I came in to see Haruko with Luke in the conservatory, so happily took over snuggly, cuddly, just awake smiley, granny duties whilst they got themselves ready.

They will be back abour 2pm so it gives me time to make a Mother's Day card from Luke, and to get their lamb shanks dinner slowly cooking in red wine and yummy things for when they come back.

Better get my skates on then hadn't I?


Whilst the family were out I made braised steak for Pat and me, in red wine, garlic, herbs from the garden and leeks. We fancied veggeis and mash to go with it - and it was melt in the mouth.

I messed about with the chickens and they had a spell on the lawn seperately. Dilly, Freckles and Pumpkin made such a racket - the only time they stopped was when they were eating, so after an hour or so I put them back in the pen and put the big girls in there - who didn't make a squeak.

I was thrilled to find that KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger had all laid lovely big eggs, and Freckles egg was 36grm, Dilly had laid one when I checked after putting them on the lawn, and then when I put the big girls back in after their time out I looked and Pumpkin had acutally laid an egg 26grs - just a tiny one - but 6 eggs in one day - what about that - isn't it brilliant. They must like the fresh broccoli every day perhaps, or the apple and pear cores. I am thrilled that Pumpkin is no longer too posh to push!


  1. I am glad you have your family near.

  2. I am a bit late posting as I have been so busy - far to much to write up especially trying to fit in the time in between having a lovely time with baby Luke

  3. joared3:41 am

    hooray for Pumkin!

  4. Go Pumpkin!
    There never were such happy chooks!

    I guess all your chooks' eggs must be rich in Iron with all the greens they eat?

    Just got up! was up 'til 3am, on the computer and writing, just couldn't sleep, so now after reading about the chooks, am off downstairs for a cooked breakfast, myeggs are 'barn eggs' today, not in the same league as your lovely ladies' eggs LOL!

    Hope Gary and Haruka where lucky in their house hunting...would they like to live in Derbyshire? Only I know where there is a 3 bed semi going for a song....Ha Ha!


  5. Thank Sandie off for a quick look at your blog to see why to burnt the midnight oil

    Won't be back until tonight to do mine. A packed day - and the sun is shining

  6. AL, was doing 'real' writing, my American penpals love the real thing as well as quickies on the computer.... letters that is! LOL!

    Just logged on as on 'freecycle', have items to offer, in the BIG clearout!

    Talk later,much later!

  7. If you get time drop by my blog i lrft a gift for all UK mothers on my site. Happy Mothers day.

  8. Patsy thank you so much for the lovely kind thought and the lovely rose

    It was so sweet of you and very much appreciated.

    My first cyber flower!


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