Friday, March 17, 2006

All quiet on the home front

Eggs Total to Date: 307 Day:135

KoKKo 102 Personal best egg weight 86grms 29.11.2005
Adelaide 102 Personal best egg weight 80grms 26.02.2006
Ginger 103 Personal best egg weight 78grms 22.02.2006

No eggs laid as at 7am today. Talking of which, I noticed a typing error yesterday and had to go back through all my pages from 22 February to change the date from 22.2.2005 to 22.2.2006 for Gingers personal best! I suppose I could have left it but it really irritated me once I had seen it.

Day 5 of my 'getting to know you' strategy with the Norfolk Lasses and the London Ladies. I decided to leave the Eglu door ajar last night after I had gathered the roosting banties and put them in with the big girls. They are all happy to snuggle up together in the Eglu, so the next stage was to see if they minded getting up themselves and hanging around in the locked up run for a while before I let them out.

And they didn't mind. As I suspected the big girls were out and about in the run, and the little ones know to have a lie in until the home owners are out in the 'garden pen'.

So I let them out and put up their feeders outside and then Dilly, Pumpkin and Freckles came out, doing that wonderful little dancy walk. I put in their warm water and food and Ginger came around to go in and feed from it - out of curiousity - but I did not want to risk her getting stroppy over the food, especially as hers was outside. So I locked the run again, and left the little ones playing. I will open it after breakfast.

Snow again today, just an icing sugar covering but more threatening in the sky. So indoor things to day. Just of to start on my loaves of bread. I am going to treat myself kindly for a couple of days, if I can sit still long enough, so today we are having a lazy lunch, home made Somerset Apple sausages that I made and froze, two large eggs each, and a doorstep of my wholemeal bread with toasted sesame and sunflower seeds. Not too good for the waste, but wonderful for the soul.

Better get a move on!


The bread is in the tins and on its second prove, so will be ready in time for lunch.

I have just made two tubs of butter and am off to make some scones with the butter milk. I will have to freeze some of them and ration them out though!

The postman delivered the builda balls that I ordered off the net - I did phone around the nearest downs to see if I could find a shop that sold them first - but no luck.

So whilst Pat is out bowling this afternoon and if it stops raining, I might make a start on the framework for the netting for the chicken run to keep the wild birds off. See how the weather goes and how I feel.

Off to bake some scones now.

The bread was still warm when we had lunch, and the freshly made butter just melted onto it. I can't describe how good that tasted.

The apple and pork sausages were the absolute bizz - moist and tasty and appley - made a change from the spicy and herby ones I do.

KoKKo Adelaide and Ginger did us proud, and the egg yolks were huge and tasty, and thick. I am full to bursting now!

The girls have laid three more eggs today, and I have frozen a dozen for when they moult and go off lay. There is no way that I am going to buy eggs again.

Will be back this evening with updates


  1. what a wonder term "stroppy"i soppose it means gready, and a door stop of bread must mean a large piece.if you know how the term stroppy came about i would like to know.patsy

  2. a computer is a great machine, i ask mine what stroppy meant and learned it means , obstinate, irritable or difficult. what do you know!well i hope that chicken doesn't get difficult eather.

  3. I was kneading the bread for the second time and putting it in the bread tins when you posted this - so you answered you own question - clever new computer.

    A doorstep of bread is a thick slice, and old phrase used as years ago people used to slice huge chuncks the size of doorsteps! Well not quite, but they used to fill up on it.

    Nowadays lots of people buy that pappy white sliced or brown sliced bread yuk that is thin sliced. yuk yuk

    Each to their own though.

  4. chris2:06 pm

    We like our doorsteps toasted too!
    Are the buildaballs hollow AL?
    I have seen them on the garden organic site.My budget wont stretch to them this year but Ive got them in mind for the future.

  5. I was surprised how heavy they were actually. I will take a photo when I go out in the garden. Once Pat has gone to bowls - I am supposed to be resting LOL

  6. you bread sound like the bread our ancestors made. i make bread but it is nothing like yours.i would like to try to make you bread some you have a reciept or do you just throw everthing in and stir?

  7. Re the buida balls -are they for attaching canes together for making frames?
    Just wondering couldn't you use the plastic balls with holes in used by schools in PE lessons-think I'll have a look around the loacal shops for some and give it a try!
    What's the history re egg laying from the bantams before they came to you?

  8. Patsy I will email you the recipe.

    Jean they balls are for attaching tubes and canes, and are a bit more complex then the holey balls that we used to have at school, and heavier too. Haven't seen them for years. They would be good for cane wigwams I should think. If you have any success could you let me know? Plus any info on where I could get them.

    Might be useful up the lottie.

    I sadly I did not have any info on the batams before I adopted them. I know that they needed a new home. I am not expecting to get many if any eggs though.

    It wasn't a priority. They just needed rehoming.

  9. I live 3 miles from town and shopping . I like it that way. i was raised on a farm and really rather not live in town. are thoese balla you are talking about some sort if exersize thing you have lost me and my computer is no help this time.

  10. lottie, i posted a web site on my page just for you, take a look this man in mo. has some nice pictures of Mo. skys take a look you will love it. I discovered it while bloging. patsy


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