Friday, March 10, 2006

My mate Cocky two years ago this week.

Just a couple of photos for you to look at until I have time to type up today’s blog. I will be a busy as usual today,

Here are a couple of photos of Cocky the pheasant that used to visit out garden on a daily basis with Phyllis one of his many girlfriends.

He was a bit of a character and had a harem of girl that just swooned. He had eight in our garden one spring.

Phyllis got very tame and used to feed out of my hand and lay eggs in the garden. She would sunbathe lying on her side by the fish pond, legs crossed, on the stones, like a little old lady. She would come into the conservatory demanding food with menaces and used to unnerve Pat but I thought it funny.

One day he was dozing off on the sun lounger and Phyllis pecked at his toes and he jumped out of his skin. Funnily enough he has gone off sunbathing outside since then!

Sadly either old age or by some other deed they haven’t visited the past couple of years and when they stopped coming we put in raised flower beds to make it easier for me to garden.


  1. Anonymous11:36 am

    Hi Al,

    Just read your blog, aren't pheasants (cock birds at least) beautiful? Shame you don't get the visitors anymore!

    Re Patchwork... I have a very big 'stash' as they sayof fabric, templates, pattern books etc, some of which I would gladly let you have, honestly! Gratis! but you're quite a distance from me and postage would be way too costly, if I could figure a way to get it to you!
    Patchwork has some wonderful names for the patterns and the actual quilting patterns too, i.e 'Double wedding ring', 'Drunkards Path', 'Courthouse Steps', 'Log Cabin', 'Snail Trail' and the like.Then there's 'Crazy' Patchwork, this style is relatively easy and can use a multitude of needlework, such as Ribbon embroidery, Punch needlework,(NO, it does not involve drinking alcohol! LOL!), beadworketc. It would easily take you 2-3 weeks to look through my craft books, ideas book and craft stuffs!
    Well, better go, I've done my nights for this week, I'm tired as a tired person can be!
    Catchya later maybe.

    Sandie :-)

  2. Ah Bless you Sandie

    Have a good sleep

    You could email me your address by going into my profile and I would gladly pay you.

    Or if you are holidaying in Norfolk this year? LOL

  3. We have sites that give free patterns would you want address if you would let me know and I will send sites. for patch quilts and such. let me know. don't want to clutter you email with stuff you don't want but i am a internet hound and have all the sites marked so i can look at them when i like. patsy

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    I love the pheasant story LOL
    we made friends with a little Robin last year in 't' lake district.We called him 'daft Robin'...he would come hopping into the kitchen to see what was going on. Sadly the birds at home are too afraid of our cat to become so friendly although Im sure the cat wouldnt mind if they did...
    We are very here with about 8 charity shops,I love hunting in them.

  5. Patsy - how kind of you. I would like to take you up on your offer of sites please.

    As a total beginner I don't know if I could make a quilt right away, but perhaps something smaller like cushions or bags or something.

    I don't usually surf much - only for urgent things, so any links would be brilliant and much appreciated

  6. Hi Chris

    Robins are lovely aren't they. We have a tame on here that follows me around and I have a constant companion of one up my allotment - and he sits in classic fashion on my fork or spade handle too.

    The Lake District is one of my favourite places and we have spent many happy days walking for miles. I like it 'out of season' when there are not many people around and you lakes and hill are 'your own'.


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