Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Evening Update

Eggs Total to Date: 309 Day:136

KoKKo 103 Personal best egg weight 86grms 29.11.2005
Adelaide 103 Personal best egg weight 80grms 26.02.2006
Ginger 103 Personal best egg weight 78grms 22.02.2006

Two eggs today - Ginger had a day off.

Photos won't load so will have to add them another time.

5.45pm and it is still nice and light, and the girls are all out and about so I have time to catch up with my blog.

Today I let the girls out before 7am and decided to leave KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger in the run, now that I have the extension there is so much room for them. Dilly Dilly, Freckles and Pumpkin were still in bed when I looked – they let the big girls get up first and stay out of the way, so I lifted them out of the egg port and let them explore as you can see from the photos below.

They have spent all day exploring the big pen and I let the others out about 4pm when I got back from town.

I got some grapes on the way back so threw some in for them all. They were too big for the banties – or else they were just not bothered having spent all day digging holes, and having a whale of a time.

But the big girls soon cleaned them up.
Before breakfast in the biting winds, I did yet more work on the pen – pulling up a lot of the hedge as the London Ladies just disappeared for the day. They seem to prefer the gap in the middle and the dust bath in the bowl, although when I looked this afternoon Freckles was in the huge one – camouflaged as she is so dark.

I did a not of gardening and finished off the build a ball netting frame. I went into town 8+ miles away this afternoon to collect the netting, having phoned first of course. When I got there it hadn’t come in, the youngster that took the call just said it had because they happen to sell netting – but I had a special order for a very large piece. It was so annoying. Still, not the end of the world.

On the way back I called into the village shop for a couple of bits and got some reduced in price fruit which is now in my food drier. These grapefruits, and oranges are destined for Christmas decoration, maybe some soap recipes, and for pot puree – presents of course.

If you could smell my conservatory now – the smell of them gently drying is amazing.
I have four trays of mixed grapefruit and oranges and I also got some grapes in perfect condition apart from a couple on the top that caught cold – so I have share half and half with the chooks and us – ours are in the drier too.

I have just checked the fruit and they are at the crystalizing stage. All glittery and twinkling.

I am eating my wholemeal bread and home made butter with Norfolk honey from the village beekeeper whilst typing this. Naughty but nice.

It was my intention to go up the allotment in the morning if the weather let us – but instead early morning I will be off to Huntingdon with Pat to collect another Eglu – a green one this time. Quite a trip but worth it. The person selling it did have two chickens that came with it, but I can’t introduce any more – that is too many – at the moment!

More of that later.

Cooking tonight – I still have half a dozen eggs despite freezing a dozen yesterday. I still haven’t made those scones, and I want to make a couple of cakes.

Best go put the girls to bed.

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  1. i can smell the fruit. have a good night. patsy


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