Saturday, March 18, 2006

London Ladies Early Morning Stroll

As the London Ladies were out and about today first thing, I dashed in and got my camera and stood in the biting wind in my dressing gown and mac to take these photos for you.

Pumpkin awaiting her turn whilst Dilly is having a drink. Freckles at the back eating

Eating breakfast al fresco - they found some corn in the straw, and queuing up for a drink. They had a peanut feeder of food hanging up and fresh water too, but the preferred their emergency rations where the middle hedge was.

Just out of bed at 6.30am and up the top end, having a look and then a bath in the big dust bath whilst the Norfolk Lasses are having breakfast.

Inspecting the changes. They were spending all day in the hedge so I never got to see them, so I have removed the middle section. They stil have two hides but I have added a covered mini dust bath for them next to one of the hide

Checking by their personal dustbath shelter to make sure that their favourite hide was still there. It is a dust bowl as they are so tiny!


  1. they look very happy and full of good food. i have feed my herd and planted some flowers today. the wind is like a sharp knife out side. so i decided no more trip out until time to gather eggs.

  2. Thwy They are 3 lucky little ladies! Would love to give them a cuddle, cats would be jealous though!

    I didn't sleep too well last night ,so decided to write up my blog. Don't know where it went, but its' a blank blogger on screen!

    Guess I'll have to do it all over again1


  3. no just push republish on your dash will reapear like magic. patsy

  4. Thanks ladies - it has been bitter here too, even working didn't keep me warm!

    That is so annoying when it does that Patsy - it has happened to me in the past. And this morning I don't know what was happening on the blog site, but it posted my original post, then the edited one, then up updated one. All the same title - so three copies.

    It just added three photos the same!

  5. Really great photos as usual-am so jealous re your flock they're so interesting to read about.
    With your 2nd Eglu are going now to keep the 2 groups completely separate?

  6. I'm just a newbie to this blogging thing, but seem to end up back at this site a lot! Who can resist these ladies and such a great site. Thanks for sharing!


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