Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Forgotten Allotment news?

I have not forgotten that I started this to record my work on my allotment - but at the moment the weather is too bad, the soil had been either waterlogged, or frozen, so I can' t do much on there.

I am itching to get going on it, and have so much to do as do all you gardening people. So just so you don't get too many withdrawal symptoms here are just two of the things I pulled up when I went to get the chickens their rations. Two January King Cabbages - and they tasted absolutely delicious gently steamed. We had one of them with Bunny Burgers yesterday, mange tout, pumpkin mash, green beans, white roasted beetroot, and parsnips! Yummy.


  1. you have a green thumb. do uk people use that term?

  2. We have green fingers over here - much more useful than just a couple of thumbs - LOL.

  3. Great to see some vegetables! We did actually have a bit of sun today so I am hoping I may get a day or two off and down to the allotment I will go!!! At the moment I can't post pictures as my hard disc is completely full and I can't download them from the camera but I am in the process of sorting it out.
    All the best, Mike

  4. It really is difficult at the moment to write of photograph anything inspiring at the moment allotment wise.

    I am itching to get going up there - but what can you do?

    Looking forward to your photos - when the technology is working.

    If we do get the weather, I will be hot footing up there. Muck to spread, plots to rotorvate, root crops to did up blah blah blah - has your broccoli sprouted purple bits yet?

  5. The shoots seem to be starting to form but nothing very exciting yet!

    My jobs at the moment are mainly of the bed-making kind + autumn tidy up catch-up time. As it happens i wasn't working today but spent all morning cutting up wood for the fires!

  6. It will be worth it for the wonderful fires though won't it.

  7. i saw your fingers and they were pink , remember?

  8. Yes - I'm just about to light one now to welcome Sue as she is working late.


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