Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not much fun today!

Eggs - Total to date: 279 - Day 122

KoKKo 93 (86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best weight
Adelaide 93 (80grms) 26.02.2006 Personal best weight
Ginger 93 (78grms) 22.2.2006 Personal best weight

I have been out of action today, and it has been pouring down with rain – and still is – I haven’t missed much have I?

The girls laid three eggs again and the heaviest was 77grms and they were all in the 70’s grms. I took my physio a couple of slices of both of the cakes I made and she was delighted. She is so petite and slim, I thought that she might not eat cake – but she loves cakes, but rarely cooks them, as she is single.

In hindsight I think that I should have given them or not after my treatment as it was the most painful yet! In her defence she did say that my muscles had seized up, for some reason. I asked her what sort of thing could have caused that – and she said lifting heavy things. You wouldn’t have thought that lifting things would effect your neck would you? I owned up to digging up the row of parsnips – but not to the clearing out the chicken pen!

Still – are forecast lots of rain, so indoor jobs will be the order of the day for this week.

The Woodland border.

Talking of clearing out the chicken run – here are some photos that I took of the wood chips from there which I have now used as mulch.

This is another bed which was mulched a week ago and nothing was showing then - now look at the new beginnings. Wait until you see it in early summer it is a picture.

The vegetable seeds sowed in the little propagators on the windowsill have started to grow already.

I'll take some photos tomorrow, and post those. It won't be until the afternoon though - I have to pop into Norwich for a hospital visit.

Sorry its a bit short today.


  1. love the pictures! when I do work like cleaning the chicken pens the next morning I don't get up, I roll out of the bed and pull my self up. terrible to get old and stiff.I made bannan bread today, when I cook I just put things in , no measureing or any thing, some times it good, some times the chickens get it!some times people want my reciepts. then I am in trouble.

  2. You and me both then Patsy! LOL

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    same with me i hardly ever measure anything tell the family, if you like this enjoy doubt you will get again!!! usually they like but if not depending on what it is, chickens or pigs are happy, never give either meat, but the pigs are partiall to an egg or two !!!

  4. anonymous, wish I knew who you are so I could read your blog, maybe I do algeady because I read a lot

  5. Dago Dame11:39 pm

    Hey Lottie

    Careful not to burn the candle at both ends!

    Can you send me some of your energy HAHAHAHA

    Best Regards

    Dago Dame

  6. Ran out of energy today though!

    Hoping for a surge tomorrow.

    Well I did have the energy - it was the body that let me down after acupuncture

  7. I'm getting a education reading your blog was reading past blogs of yours and you said you had bangers and mash, I thought what is that? went on line and looked for it, it said it was sauage and mashed potatoes, do you ever eat black pudding?on the same site they had several uk food names and that was one. do you ever eat blood pudding? questions, questions all the time I ask questions.

  8. denise t - NJ/USA2:56 am

    well i look forward to seeing your garden and yard in bloom...i can see some of the structure of it now, and even the lil house with blue lattice in the corner...i see you have a beauty of a lawn as well...u are a great gardener i think, and it will be a pleasure to watch your hardwork be rewarded with beauty...i have not gardened at all here, other than the veggie garden. we are due for a renovation on the house, and dont want to double my toil by moving things i just planted...so i am being ppatient....we also have deer here, so now that i see what my adversaries are, i can plan better...btw: my box of chicks are due in the mail in 10 days! eeeks!!!! i am so very excited!

  9. Anonymous11:09 am

    Hey you, Have half a day off! Nurses orders LOL!
    Your Woodland section is looking good, bet there's not many worms left in the woodchips after the 'girls' have combed it!

    Sending good vibes for the 'old aches and pains... put a pure silk turqoise scarf loosely around your neck, take 5 and sip some peppermint tea, with honey in if you prefer it sweetened.
    I know you have to use(move) it or lose it, but don't over-do it today o.k?

    kind regards,

    Sandie (who should be in bed sleeping...fine one to give out any orders Umm?)

  10. Patsy - I laughed when I read that you did not know what bangers and mash were - I will have to think a bit before I write in future or add the translation.

    They are a bit more than just sausages with mashed potato - that sounds so boring.

    They are usually fried then cooked in a lovely thick onion gravy - lots of onions. And the mash has my homemade butter in it and we also love adding mustard - my mouth is watering whilst I am typing this - so had better have them tomorrow.

    We don't eat black pudding or blood pudding as my husband has to watch his cholesterol. I rather like haggis, but again we don't have it for the same reason.

    More for you to research in the food department

    Bubble and squeak - lovely.

    Thanks for popping by, always nice to hear from you

  11. Hello Denise

    Chickens by post? Surely not. We can buy eggs for hatching, but chicks in the post. My goodness!

    The little blue gazebo in the corner is one of my favourite spots to hide in the shade and just sit and look at the garden, or read or daydream.

    When we first moved here it was an overgrown wilderness and that corner I did not know even existed because of the thorny over grown shrubs and stinging nettles. I reclaimed more than 10feet back!

    If you look at my older blogs in the early summer archives you will see more photos of the garden then.

    It will be even better this year. It takes year on year on year for a garden to grow and change doesn't it

    Would love to see some of your photos of your place and chicks

  12. Dear Sleepy nurse Sandie

    Am taking your orders very seriously as you will see when I get to type up my blog late this afternoon. Just got back from the hospital, so taking a rest before making lunch.

    Nothing very exciting today - quick and comforting methinks

  13. yes, we buy by post. the usa has about 10 magor hatchers that sell baby chickens but I think they will soon stop the mailing of chickens all this talk about chicken flu has ever body scared.That picture of the little house in the snow is my chicken house. I live in a moble home, it has Front room, kitchen , 3 bed rooms and two baths.If I took Pictures in here I would have to do a major pick up and i am to busy blogging to do that. sister 2 said i was a slop about house work and it is true i don't do well in that department, I just have thinks I need to do and things I want to do and house work was always WORK to me.Truth is I am not neat, not a trait of mine!also I said I was like my grandma I save everthing and run out of places to store my stuff, have a good day.

  14. Believe it or not I know what bubble and squeak is , we have a book printered here called angle's ashes, I read it and he talked about bubble and squeak, don't stop using words i don't know, i can look it up, another excuse to not do house work! besides one of the reasons I read your blog is to learn.i see another word to look up.bye


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