Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Night out at the Flower Club

After an hour of persevering, logging on and off, the blogger finally would let me add photos.

It was a really freezing cold, and wet night last night and the temperatures were below freezing when I set out to collect my friend to go to Flower Club. It would be the easiest thing to stay snuggled up indoors in the warm - but I resisted.

Pat's football team were playing and it was being televised to I left him watching the Commonwealth Games and knew that he would not spare a thought at my absence being totally focussd on sport.

The little village hall was freezing, but we eventaully warmed up. We take cushions to sit on and for our backs and the chairs are the most uncomfortable that you can ever imagine.

The lady demonstrating came from Cromer, for those reading this over the water, it is a seaside town on the Norfolk Coast - you can look it up on the internet for a read.

The day before she had come back from Spain on a working holiday of demonstrations to ex-pats and evenings spent with friends over there.

So her theme was holidays - and her interpretation in flowers.

This first one, with blue delphiniums, and some sprigs of white heather and chrysanthemums and foliage at the base is her interpretation of a sailing ship. The tall canes made like crosses are the masts. The arrangements are raffle prizes but you only get the flowers not the containers or accessories, and in this case you just got a bunch of delphiniums.

This nice simple arrangement used bamboo canes, and a few roses, with tiny spray chrysanthemum heads to disguise the Oasis foam, and a bit of lime green sisal. I have done this arrangement in all sorts of guises, and it really is nice and simple to do and makes a lovely Christmas arrangement, you can really glitz it up.

This pink triangular design was very elegant, with the pink roses, purple lysanthus, and perimwinkle foliage trailing down. This one was chosen first in the raffle.

The red hot one, is a horizontal arrangement with Fatsia Japonica leaves - I just love those, red roses and chrysanthemums, and red tulips with a yellow stripe.
She added a couple of cane golden spheres so that you could use it as a Christmas arrangement, which I thought did not do it justice. The big bowl flower vase came from John Lewis and has been popular for many years - I keep meaning to get myself one, but on the rare occassions that we go into the city we are usually getting so many other things that I forget!

Flowers this week are extremely expensive as it is Mothering Sunday at the weekend, so this is a nice early present to me.

I have not done much flower arranging lately, I tend to do more in the summer using seasonal flowers, and of course do lots at Christmas for friends, neighbours, and family. I love doing those but and normally whacked out and with sore fingers after all the holly, I have used in the wreaths as table decorations.

This is the arrangement I chose when my ticket was pulled out. An extremely rare thing to happen for me to win a prize. Yellow ticket 39 - I think that I might frame it. LOL It was the third ticket, so I was thrilled that no-one had chosen this one already.

And here is the arrangement in my lounge in one of my containers that I painted.
There is a problem with the blog 'and engineer has been called out to investigate' So I can't add the photos


  1. Hi,
    I like the pink floral arrangement and vase first, yours second and the one on the green sissal mat third.

    Glad the London Ladies have started laying. All the chooks appear to be settled then?

    I do love reading about them and seeing them up to their antics. Would love to see them sunbathing with their legs crossed, like you described a while back!

    Went to see the houses, they where 'Shared equity' properties, not bad, but not me, hardly any garden to speak of!

    Have seen one, but still out of my price bracket, it is a 30's semi, similar to mine but, with a 3 part rear garden, patio and lawn with borders, lawn with pond and borders, then a few steps down into a 2 shed allotment style garden, 1 shed with light and power sockets....perfect! Just need to find the dosh LOL!

  2. the flowers are great, is the holiday you spoke of like our mothers day? that falls in May here and we have fathers day in june. the flowers are lovely ,so very glad you won.Words are really funny, you say chooks we say chicks, sandie says dosh we say cash. I like read you and your fellow uk people for that reason if for no other. oh yeah the word posh is lovely. must so visit sandie and all your other coherts.

  3. Yes it is the same a Mothers Day. You are getting to know all our slang then. It is good learning new phrases isn't it.

    I have always called chickens chooks - they do so in Austalia too. Have a bit of Aussie in me I think.


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