Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Food and Flowers Page

I have been really busy (just for a change) and apart from the usual chores, I have spent the afternoon baking.

Chocolate chip cookies ready to go in the oven - made with pieces of broken plain chocolate, chopped mixed nuts and dessicated coconut.

Here are some of them when they came out of the oven

I also made a double batch of flapjacks - ready for cooking

15 minutes later they looked like this - ready for cutting before they cooled

I added flaked almonds, raisins, and some chopped up apricots to these - and they taste rather good - so too the cookies - even if I do say so myself - and Pat did of course.

And lastly for today - an Orange and Chocolate Cake - the size of a bread loaf!

This is a variation of my famous banana chocolate cake. This one has my whisky marmalade added and a few drops of pure orange oil, and one and a half bars on plain dark continental chocolate. If you could smell what I can hmmmmmm chocolate oranges.

I have also got some yoghurt on the go - will have to go and strain it in a minute, and also four trays of grapes (courtesy of the animal box - they were perfect so I washed them thoroughly and they are drying. The chooks got the ones that caught the cold) and one tray of orange slices - again courtesy of the animal box. It is criminal to waste perfect food. The chooks have got a bag or perfect brussels sprouts and there is an onion loaf of bread, but I think the wild birds will get that. I don't want fat unhealthy chickens and there will be salt in the bread too which is not good for them.

Lastly a photo of the flower arrangement that I won - in situ in my lounge.

I think that's all tonight folks - I have to finish the yoghurt, keep checking the food dryer, and I reckon I deserve a sit down - don't you?


  1. I've got go on the net and look for flap jacks in uk. looks like a cookie or cake, here a flap jack is a pan cake made from flour, milk eggs baking powders shorting and the batter is about as thick as gravy. we pour the batter into a skillet and cook on one side then turn over and brown on other. put butter and maple syrup on them and eat for breakfast.

  2. I can email you the recipe it you like it is so easy.

    Actually if you go into archives the basic one is on here.

  3. Tuesday February 7th I have posted the recipes for Flapjacks and Muesli bars with pictures of how you make them.

    Easy peasy

  4. i will look for it but found out your flap jacks are like our nutration bars .we buy them we don't make them. will go look for the recept.

  5. i found the flap jack reciept, i don't think i will try making them. i need to leave sugar alone and i would eat them. found an answer to another question. I wondered who the baby was whose picture you posted the other i know. I was reading you blog in feb. but had forgot. all i remembered was when you sucked all the air out of your bread with the machine.I have another question, If you don't mind telling me. what did you work at before you retired?I think you did have a job but have not a clue as to what it was.

  6. BEEN READING YOUR PAST BLOG AND READ WHAT A TIME YOU HAVE WITH THE WHITE BUTTERFLY ON CABBAGE. If you will go to a second hand shop and find a fancy dress that has netting on it buy it and cut out pieces and place over your cabbage plants when the butterflys first start, make a tent and the butterflies can not get to your cabbage to lay eggs. Do you have cut worns that work on you young tenter plants? if you do drive a nail next to the plant and the worm can't cut your plants because they curl around the green plants and squeeze . the nail stops them from being able to get enough pressure on the plant

  7. Now that would be funny I might put that up as a topic - guess what I used to work as before I retired?

    What do you think Patsy - what did I do?

  8. Hmm no sure what cut worms are - will have to look that up.

  9. Maybe you don't have cut worms. be glad!they are a worm in the soil that in cool, damp weather cuts off the planting esp. tomatoes.I have no clue what you did. did you work in the nurseing profession, or were you a teacher? I have a picture of you in some profession. I certainly don't think you worked in a chicken plant like I did.

  10. We have lots of other things that get at the roots though!


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