Monday, April 17, 2006

Will be back soon


I hope that you had a very happy holiday

Just a note to let you know that I will be starting a web page up.

Unfortunately I discovered that one of the forums/sites that I used, was not a secure site and I believe passionately that users personal identities should protected if they choose to have an anonymous username - which most of us do.

Sadly when I found the 'loophole' - which was probably not intentional I am sure, but due to the inexperience of the person setting it up - the matter was not treated with the urgency I felt it deserved, especially as it affected a number of people who were unaware of it. (I wanted to avoid people posting photos and writing things that they might not otherwise do had they known their real name was there for all the www to see)

It was taken as a personal slight - and not the geniune concern I had for fellow users.

Thankfully now the matter is going to be resolved at some point I undestand.

Unfortunately, by revealing the error, it has made me very unpopular with the person running the site - but I would rather that than risk the personal safety of others in this day and age. Despite 'his' animosity, I would not be bullied or browbeaten until I could get the matter taken seriously - I am happy in the knowledge that I have ensured that all users to the site will now have their real names hidden in all areas - as is expected under the Data Protection Act in the UK.

(You might have thought that an apology and thanks would be forthcoming by avoiding ligitgation LOL)

Thank goodness my name is not Joan or I would be heading for a hot lunch and a stake! Pardon the pun!

When my new webpage is up and running those lovely fellow bloggers who have linked to here, readers and those of whom I have email addresses will be notified.

Since I added a counter to this blog I was staggered that from just before Christmas I have had thousands of hits and made lots of cyber friends - thanks one and all - your comments have been enormously appreciated and you all have given me so much pleasure - so I am sure that you can imagine after spending so many hours developing this how sad I am at having to close it down.

'Allotment Lady has left the building'

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