Friday, April 07, 2006

I got sidetracked by the chickens- not my main post!

I went out into the garden to pack my car and Freckles heard my scrunch crunch on the gravel path and kicked up so much racket - she is so incredibly loud and never gives up, so I went into the garage and got some chickweed - that shut her up eventually!

Dilly plonked herself on the bantams chickweed and shrieked, 'Its mine'

Freckles started barating her - not that Freckles needs any excuse to kick up an earpiecing racket, and Pumpkin just didn't want to lower herself to their standards and went into ostrich mode trying to shut out the noise!

Even Dilly got fed up with all the shrieking and gave in in the end, and let her take a little bit.

I intervened and spread it out so there was some for all.

Adelaide, KoKKo, and Ginger act altogether differently

Ginger did her impression of a headless chicken in the hope that she could get a crafty mouthful first - but she was being watched closely.

Adelaide and Ginger got stuck in, and KoKKo decided to take the photo opportunity for a shot of her best side - to show off her glowing red comb and wattles to their best advantage

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  1. where do you get chick weed, do you buy it?the chickens all look like they are doing well.


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